Monday, May 31, 2021

Poetry: Opening


(To thank our dear nephew, Chris on his opening of the family Camp)

Young man returning to his ‘church’,

North Country cathedrals of pine and spruce,

Not visited for a rift of darkest time, an unforeseen breech,

Letting sun filter through the fertile canopy,

Forever wild,

On this day of Camp re-opening.

Hard work to be done, backbreaking toil cleanses soul,

Clearing fallen trees overcome by harsh and heavy snows,

Precious wood necessary for fire and warmth and survival.

Cutting the tall, matted grass. Taking care to protect nests.

Then, dawn shimmering on the loon lake, fishing in solitude, peace.

Pristine, pungent breezes of freedom cool skin after so, very, long.

With care, he prepares feeders for the hummingbirds arriving soon,

Preparing for life waking, for new life arriving.

Cleaning the revered plank cabin, inviting light and air into every corner,

Cleaning it inside and out, repairing, respecting the tradition of it all,

Making it ready to welcome family back into its nurture, safety, love.

He pauses his solitary work, for a moment, remembering, grieving losses,

As he solemnly recognizes the blessing of all of this, all that it means,

The legacy of this place, his family’s land,
And, head bowed, he kneels, to give thanks.


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Annette Pisano-Higley is a Registered Nurse living in both Albany and Florida. She is a published song-lyricist and published a book of her original Adirondack poetry, with photography by her husband Walter Higley, Adirondack Echoes, available on Annette’s book was inspired by their idyllic summers at the beloved family Camp on Limekiln Lake, Inlet, in the beautiful New York State Adirondack Park.


6 Responses

  1. Karen Rudar says:

    Another good one, Annette. Absolutely beautiful. You really captured the event with all the beauty and peace that goes with it.

    • Annette Pisano-Higley says:

      Many thanks Karen for your kind read and words. So glad you enjoyed this one. Looking forward to the time we can get back up to Limekiln safely.

  2. Jim says:

    Your poetry takes us there, Annette. Thank you.

    • Annette Pisano-Higley says:

      Hi Jim and thanks so much for your read and meaningful words. You made me feel like my mission was accomplished. Though seeing it through Chris’s eyes this time, I always see it in my heart and always appreciate the miracle of it. Take good care my friend and hope we can get up there sometime soon.

  3. FRANK PISANO says:

    The Higley family camp is the most beautiful place to relax and join nature on a one on one basis. This was a very beautiful poem and you can actually feel the way the camp is. Woods, lake, animals and friends. So peaceful. A beautiful poem and my beautiful sister!!

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