Saturday, July 10, 2021

Coalition to launch referral system for patients with diabetes 

heart network logoBy Ann Morgan, The Heart Network

This July, the North Country Chronic Disease Prevention Coalition will launch a new referral system to link prediabetic and diabetic patients with local, evidence-based programs that can help them prevent or better manage their condition. The Heart Network sends its thanks and appreciation to members of the Coalition who have worked to develop this process, which providers can use to easily connect patients to these life-saving services.

One particular partner in this effort, NY Connects, deserves special recognition for agreeing to manage this new referral program.  NY Connects — a statewide directory of health, home care, transportation and other resources — will provide follow-ups to patients referred to help them understand community-based program options and get them enrolled.

Diabetes prevention and treatment is one of the Chronic Disease Prevention Coalition’s top priorities. Health care providers play a critical role not just in treating patients with prediabetes and diabetes, but also in helping them find community-based services to assist them in adopting daily routines and practices to get and stay healthy. Ultimately, we want these individuals to avoid or at least be able to self-manage their diabetes.

The Coalition knows, from existing research, that many North Country residents struggle to control their condition. As a collective, we believe this referral system will decrease those numbers and empower individuals to take control of their own health.

People with prediabetes or diabetes should also talk to their doctors directly about local services or visit to find a program near them.

The North Country Chronic Disease Prevention Coalition, facilitated by the Heart Network, brings together providers and other key stakeholders in the region to replicate and implement successful programs that treat patients with chronic diseases. To learn more, contact Ann Morgan at To learn more about NY Connects, visit

Ann Morgan is executive director of the Heart Network.

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