Friday, July 30, 2021

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Melissa is a journalist with experience as a reporter and editor with the Burlington Free Press, Ithaca Journal and Fairbanks Daily News-Miner. She worked as a communications specialist for the Adirondack North Country Association and runs her own New York State Women owned Business-Enterprise Bootstrap Communications, which includes digital marketing, strategy and design. She enjoys hiking, camping and other outdoors activities, and spending time with her husband, their twin daughters, and rescue animals -- two dogs and a cat.


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  1. David West says:

    Wanted to read the article about the State grinding railroad ties in Lake Clear, and as often happens with Adirondack Daily Enterprise published articles, I cannot. The article loads, then immediately goes to a subscription solicitation page for the Enterprise. Just and FYI.

  2. Charlie Stehlin says:

    Yep, and I remember them good old days when thick phone books were free and there was major convenience when looking up numbers. Them days are long gone. Now you must go online (even if you don’t have a computer) and you’d be lucky to find who, or what, you’re looking for, and they most likely will try to squeeze money out of you if they can even help you as they always put the people who pay for advertising up first and foremost and make it as hard as possible for you to find any ‘thing’ other than what they present to you. And how about when there were operators 24/7, or 411 when you could call and get any number you wanted! Them good old days! Let’s make America great again!

    • Boreas says:


      I am so old I remember when road maps were free at any “service” station. ‘Course there weren’t many roads back then…

      • Bill Ott says:

        When using one of those antiquated out of date redundant useless and winkled, torn road or trail maps, at least I had some idea of where I was on the map. I love the gps for what it is worth, but I always keep a paper map because that is where the gps comes from. That goes for both the car and the woods.

    • JohnL says:

      Finally something we can agree on Charlie……let’s MAGA!!

  3. Charlie Stehlin says:

    “I am so old I remember when road maps were free at any “service” station.”

    You can’t be that old Boreas as I remember those free maps also! Of course I wasn’t driving then but I recall walking to the gas station on the corner of Delaware Avenue and Hoffman just to get a free map. I was always fond of maps. I am having a flashback thinking about it…them long ago days when I was yet beardless. Geez! Where does the time go!

  4. Charlie Stehlin says:

    ” I always keep a paper map because that is where the gps comes from. That goes for both the car and the woods.”

    I’m antiquated Bill! Or so some would say. I don’t use a GPS at all. There’s at least a few good reasons why. One is because the Huckleberry Finn in me is still full of adventure and there’s nothing like going over a map and planning my course. It works besides, whereas GPS’ are known to throw users off course. Two is because maps work so why become reliant on something that is known to fail, and even if they do work….so do maps! Maps are cheaper too!

    Here’s a reminder regards a GPS, or whatever it is that users utilize when they’re looking for an establishment to, say… go eat at, when they’re on the road. A few years ago I was driving with my niece near Boston. She found, on her device, a place with good ratings. I’m driving, she’s looking at her device, telling me, ‘right here’, ‘left here’ etc.. We were getting close and wouldn’t you know her battery died. You should have seen the look on her face I will never forget! She was suddenly lost when her battery died. A very humorous moment, but also a reminder of how we are too reliant on the new technology which doesn’t always serve us well. I’m just saying!

  5. Charlie Stehlin says:

    JohnL says: “Finally something we can agree on Charlie……let’s MAGA!!”

    I do not wish to squeeze you in a tight place JohnL, but since we’re there….I’ve been burning with curiosity with ‘what in the hay is meant when people who wear MAGA caps say they want to make America great again?’ What is meant by ‘great?’ Great for who? What? I have never gotten an answer to these queries of mine, which is probably due to me not associating with people who wear MAGA caps on their noggins.

    I’d like to see us go back to the thinking of the late 1700’s, early 1800’s when them early pioneer souls believed in science and were all for the common good of man, woman, child; intellectualism in the common schools, reading, writing, philosophy…. etc. Heck! Nowadays it’s not so uncommon to throw at somebody, “Henry David Thoreau,” and to get in return…who? This is no laughing matter! The ton of literature from those days was so much, by far, more interesting and intellectual than what is presented to us today, wholly speaking. We’re going grade-school which I truly believe is by design…. The community spirit was alive and well back then, imperfect though it may have been. I suppose it was so different then because it was all still fresh in their minds why they came over here in the first place. And I don’t think it’s good that newspapers are closing shop all over this country. Once they go the real “fake news” will most certainly take over to further numb and dumb.

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