Friday, August 6, 2021

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Here’s a look at news from around the Adirondacks this week:

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  1. Vanessa Banti Vanessa B says:

    Allow a girl her flippant politicized comment of the day: buried in that Sun article about broadband (a great development btw!) is a note that the money is coming from one of the COVID relief bills. Interestingly, and I’ve read it a couple of times just now, it doesn’t mention which, just that it was from “a CARES Act.” Unclear if from the 2020 under Trump or the follow up 2021 (through reconciliation) under Biden.

    Always beware of politicians at all levels of govt who are eager to distribute and take credit for federal dollars that they might have opposed, or are in support of politicians who opposed. Certain federal leaders in the region are quite eager to vote against and demonize any spending policy put forward by Democrats these days. They may have fancy pieces of paper to point to as their “brilliant alternatives,” (if the staffer that tweets on policy can pull the phone away from the staffer that tweets clown faces and vitriol, of course), but always, always know that they understand the political reality as much as anyone else.

    If you let them distract you with bullying tweets, you won’t realize how short the end of the stick you’re getting has become. Even in the above article, editors of which seem just a smidge too timid to imply *either “Thanks Biden” or “Thanks Trump” to this piece of news, we dance around the fact that federal dollars might just do a very needed thing in the region. And nor am I afriad to discuss this fact in relation to the fact that many COVID dollars came from the Trump admin either. He had robust bipartisan support for 2020 Cares Act. (Almost universal). I would need to check, but I *believe Trump chose to hold up distribution of the bipartisan supported checks so that his own name would appear on them. Classy stuff.

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