Sunday, August 15, 2021

Weekly news round up

A collection of interesting reads:

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Melissa is a journalist with experience as a reporter and editor with the Burlington Free Press, Ithaca Journal and Fairbanks Daily News-Miner. She worked as a communications specialist for the Adirondack North Country Association and is currently digital editor for Adirondack Explorer, overseeing both the Explorer's website and its community forum the Adirondack Almanack. She enjoys hiking, camping and other outdoors activities, and spending time with her husband, their twin daughters, and rescue animals -- two dogs and two cats.

2 Responses

  1. ADKresident says:

    This list of articles just goes to show how politically biased the ADK Almanack is, when in weeks now, there hasn’t been a single article posted regarding the corrupt, sexual harassment of NY gov, Gov. Cuomo and him being forced to unwillingly resign. (None that I saw, anyway- one may have slipped by). I’m just pointing out: IF this were a Republican Gov., there would have been countless articles, along with a few written editorials already exposing their crimes and abuse of power, calling him every name in the book, and some! . But, just like the MSM does, let’s bring little to no attention, not wanting to expose any corrupt left politicians, excusing the behavior- a Bill Clinton rerun. Don’t even try to use the excuse “because it doesn’t relate to the ADK region” when its the gov of NY, for goodness sake!

    Just calling out the hypocrisy, as well as, the selective politically biased news stories of the ADK Almanack for what it is…But really, who is surprised? No one. True, fair, honest journalism is and had been a dying breed, with few even worthy anymore to hold the title “journalist”.

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