Saturday, November 6, 2021

It’s turkey ordering time

turkeysAdirondack Beef Company, Croghan, NY

4 Reasons to Go Local for Your Thanksgiving Turkey

1- Keep your dollars in your community: The average farmer only makes $0.17 for every $1.00 spent on the food they grew. Buying directly from a farmer means they will receive 100% of the profits they earned.

2- A more flavorful turkey: Turkeys that are able to forage in grass and move around outdoors are generally smaller and much more flavorful. So juicy, you may not even need the gravy *gasp*. With smaller family gatherings, you may not need a 20lb bird.

3- Know what you’re paying for: Buying a locally raised turkey can offer more transparency into the living conditions of the bird and farming practices of the farm that raised it. Understand what labels like “organic” “free-range” and “natural” mean in our guide here.

4- Make your values the centerpiece of your table: Buying a local turkey sets the tone for your meal. What better way to offer true gratitude for the people and land that nourish your family.

Where to Pre-Order a Locally Raised Thanksgiving Turkey
Adirondack Harvest Member Farms:
Can also order Woven Meadows turkeys through Farmhouse Pantry in Saranac, NY
Adirondack Harvest Member Local Retailers:
Green Goddess, Lake Placid, NY (Organic PA and VT Raised)
Other Farms Offering Local Turkeys:
Editor’s note: This post originally appeared on Adirondack Harvest’s website:

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Mary Godnick is the Digital Editor for Cornell Cooperative Extension of Essex County. She lives in the Champlain Valley where she grows vegetables on a cooperative farm plot with her partner and two rescue dogs. You can read more of her work on and follow her on Twitter at @MaryGodnick.

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