Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Relive Henry Knox’s Epic Feat at Fort Ticonderoga

fort ticonderogaFort Ticonderoga, a premiere historic and travel destination, will present a one-day living history event on December 4, 2021 to highlight Henry Knox’s epic feat as he prepared to move massive cannon from Ticonderoga to Boston to force the British evacuation of 1776.

“During this event, step into a hive of military activity as you meet the soldiers working feverishly testing and selecting cannons for the siege of Boston, while maintaining Fort Ticonderoga,” said Beth L. Hill, Fort Ticonderoga president and CEO. “Walk alongside teamsters and oxen as they move cannons weighing up to a ton each. At the same time, see the women that worked sewing up bedding to keep soldiers warm through the long winter.”

Highlighted programming throughout the day will immerse visitors in the daily life of December 1775 at Ticonderoga. Watch as soldiers work as carpenters to build new bunks. See horsepower, ox-power, and manpower in action to move, test, and load cannon and learn how this process was vital for weapons destined for the siege of Boston. Examine the science of gunnery, preserved in Fort Ticonderoga’s massive cannon and manuscript collection. Step inside the quarters of an American officer at Fort Ticonderoga and learn of the luxuries within. Stand inside Fort Ticonderoga on the very spot where Henry Knox began his Noble Train of Artillery.

Bring your family along to experience this exciting living history event during Fort Ticonderoga’s new schedule of programs during Winter Quarters season. From now through April, visitors will be immersed in a more intimate experience at Fort Ticonderoga. From exciting living history events, insightful seminars, specialty programs, and hands-on workshops, guests will have the opportunity to explore Fort Ticonderoga during what was traditionally the “Winter Quarters” season for armies of the 18th century.


The Noble Train Begins Living History Event will take place on December 4, 2021 at Fort Ticonderoga. Visit www.fortticonderoga or call 518-585-2821 for more Winter Quarter events, programs, and seminars. Photo credit and copyright Fort Ticonderoga.

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  1. louis curth says:

    My childhood visit during the 1950s to restored Fort Ticonderoga, and this story of Henry Knox and his fellow patriots and their amazing feat, probably kindled my lifelong interest in history.

    In looking back from the vantage point of 2021, I find that I also greatly admire the integrity of those colonial heroes as well. Which makes me wonder what those early Americans, whose sacrifices helped create our democracy, would think of the misguided people who tried last January 6th to overthrow that democracy at our nation’s capitol, or of their elected political enablers whose self-serving silence belies all their assurances of personal integrity.

    Add a family visit to Fort Ti to your next year’s outing plans. Inspire your kids with some history that might inspire them.

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