Saturday, January 8, 2022

New kids feature: Adirondack Kids

kids newsletter code breakerAdirondack Kids was created after traveling south to see family.  My husband and I happened to see a newsletter for kids that looked like a fun and educational way to reach out to the smaller residents in the Adirondacks.  Each monthly newsletter will combination of information about an animal here in the Adirondacks with a mixture of worldly facts, art, how to be a friend of nature, outdoor safety, humor and suspense with “Crack the Secret Code.”  If you have difficulty viewing the code decipher sheet pictured here, we would be happy to e-mail anyone a copy.

Every newsletter will have a Secret Code for kids to decipher with the aid of the decipher sheet.  Once your child has deciphered the Secret Code, e-mail us at  with what you believe the Secret Code was.  Each child that submits the most cracked codes by the end of 2022 will receive a package from Sky Lyfe with a variety of educational and natural items to keep them curious about nature.  The email you send does not need to be long, we just need what they think the cracked code is, age and first name for responses.  Please put “ADK Kids” in the subject.  We hope kids will enjoy the newsletter we created just for them and welcome any comments or suggestions.  Happy Code Breaking to all the kids.


january adirondack kids newsletter

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Jackie Woodcock was born and lives in the Adirondack Mountains. She is an apiarist, lepidopterist, conservationist, teacher, writer, artist, and a co-owner of SkyLyfeADK. You can find her SkyLyfeADK on Instagram and Facebook.

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