Monday, February 28, 2022

AdkAction’s Compost for Good project kicks off USDA grant to support development of compost businesses

AdkAction’s Compost for Good project is seeking businesses and individuals interested in organics recycling opportunities. If you have considered starting a business related to composting, or have an existing business that you would like to expand upon, we want to hear from you! The Compost for Good (CFG) team is seeking farmers, haulers, composters, retailers, landscapers, grocery stores, manufacturers, restaurants, etc. in St. Lawrence, Franklin, Essex and Clinton Counties to discuss organics recycling goals and dreams.

AdkAction also welcomes input from municipalities or nonprofit organizations interested in supporting businesses in their area as well as business owners who are trying to navigate the Food Donation and Food Scrap Recycling Law.

“AdkAction supports projects that significantly improve the social, economic and cultural lives of local residents and enhance the long term natural resources of the Park. Through this grant, the CFG team will support the development of business opportunities and economic development that will simultaneously improve the natural systems of the North Country,” said Eric Holmlund, CFG Project Chair with AdkAction.

CFG received a grant through the USDA’s Rural Business and Development Grant (RBDG) program last fall to offer technical assistance through case studies, grant writing, business plans, regulatory assistance, site management, and intro to composting basics with the goal of increasing community resilience through job opportunities relating to organics recycling that will have lasting beneficial impacts on our communities.

“Our region is the proud home of many small manufacturers. The opportunity that this project presents – for local manufacturers to produce composters and compost equipment – stands to not only benefit the environment but our local economy through the potential for both new and retained jobs. The North Country Chamber of Commerce is proud to assist with this project and we applaud all those involved,” said Joel Wood VP of Strategic Initiatives & Director of NAmTrans with the North Country Chamber of Commerce, who also sits on the CFG Advisory Committee.

Community composter designed by Compost for Good, installation at the Wild Center. Photo provided by Kristina Hartzell of AdkAction.


With the launch of the 2022 Food Donation and Food Scraps Recycling Law, which obligates generators of a certain quantity of food scraps per week to divert these scraps away from landfills, CFG believes there are many entrepreneurial opportunities that can meet this growing demand.

Kristine Ellsworth – NYS DEC Environmental Engineer, Division of Materials Management – states, “The NYS Food Donation & Food Scraps Recycling law directs excess edible food to hungry New Yorkers and additionally directs food scraps for recycling. In requiring businesses to recycle their food scraps, we anticipate seeing a spur of development in the organics recycling businesses across the State to meet this demand and with it, an increase in green job opportunities.”

While the program seeks to support all organics-related businesses, the grant will pay for the local manufacture of one in-vessel drum composting unit. CFG has developed an open source design of a 20’ x 4’ rotating composter with four in operation currently in New York, one in New Jersey, and several in the process of being constructed around the world. Variations of the system are being operated at Little Farmhouse Flowers in Jay, NY and a similar model has been constructed and is being operated in Redford, NY.

“We want to spur a composting equipment manufacturing revolution in the North Country,” said CFG co-founder John Culpepper.

With help from a carefully selected advisory group, CFG will be contracting with a manufacturer to build a drum composter.  While the point is to create a locally built system, the selected builder will use the building process as an educational opportunity. Once completed, the advisory group will help identify a site host to receive the completed composter, who will be willing to maintain the system as an educational model open to the public.

The CFG team welcomes any and all inquiries, including from those outside the grant geography. For more information, contact John Culpepper at or 518-354-1455. AdkAction is a member-supported nonprofit organization whose mission is to create projects that address unmet needs, promote vibrant communities, and preserve the natural beauty of the Adirondacks for all. Learn more at

The Compost for Good team is a group of three individuals who are committed to “Reimagining Waste.”  Their vision is a world in which humans positively impact the Earth and its communities by valuing organic waste as a resource. Their mission is to support communities to adopt economically-viable and ecologically-resilient composting systems and processes through education, outreach, technical support, peer-to-peer connections, and research.

Photo at top: The Compost for Good team including John Culpepper, Katie Culpepper, and Jennifer Perry. Photo provided by Kristina Hartzell of AdkAction. 

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