Sunday, February 20, 2022

The Layman’s Guide To Watching Curling

  •  Though you play on a team, you are really competing against yourself, which can be both highly gratifying and incredibly frustrating.
  • One can imbibe while playing. “What’s the point of a game without a wee draught?” asked one of the originators, while towing his rocks to the frozen Curling Pond early in the 1500s.
  • Aficionados compete in special shoes.

curling shoes

Fair use of the shoes of Matt Hamilton, US Second, from Peacock. Left bottom is slippery. Right is not.

curling club

Photo of normal people curling by author. No, “normal people curling” is not an oxymoron. Ask any Canadian.

Photos provided by Randy Fredlund

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Randy Fredlund enjoys hiking, paddling, and taking pictures of the area around his camp on Stewarts Landing. He is happiest when breathing Adirondack air.


10 Responses

  1. Mark Anders Friden says:

    From someone who has attended World and European Curling Championships, all I can say is:


  2. Sunny Day says:

    And to think.. The Chinese even have a curling team. Listening to their comments as they played, which of course I couldn’t understand made it even more confounding

    • Randy Fredlund says:

      Reuters says there are only 300 curlers in China. That they qualify for the Olympics is more about government support than popularity.

  3. Alan West says:

    Curling is a game, but I sure don’t see it as a sport requiring athletic skills.

    • Randy Fredlund says:

      I beg to differ, as you knew I would. While the Skip does not usually sweat from exercise, all the other players do while sweeping. Additionally, there is a tremendous amount of training and honing of skills that result in the ability to deliver many different types of difficult shots.

      Is golf a sport?

  4. Pete Nelson says:

    This article is superb. I understood almost none of it (except the part about Scots not speaking English), and there was virtually no effort made to translate it into something, you know, sensible. That makes it an even better article.

    That was a fun read. Bravo!

  5. Dan Ladd says:

    Nothing against curling, but Olympics TV Ratings are down significantly. I know there’s a lot other TV options these days besides the Olympics, but constantly scheduling and showing curling and figure skating during prime time isn’t helping. Nearly everyone I talk to wants to see the speed sports live. NBC even passed over the third heat of the 4-man bobsled Saturday night to show the rescheduled Alpine Mixed, which was good to watch, but they kept all the figure skating too, which is overly dramatic. Give folks what they want.

    • Randy Fredlund says:

      Dan, Unfortunately, NBC failed to consult me on coverage. Like you, I have nothing against figure skating, but now and forever that sport seems to be featured.

      The good news was that on NBC’s Peacock network, one can pick and choose the events seen. The price was reasonable, and there is no long-term contract.
      And since the NY Program has provided everyone (!) in the Adirondacks with broadband, it was a good option. 😉

      Also, like American Football, Curling has frequent breaks between “ends” where commercials can be inserted for those watching live. Of course they got this wrong, but the potential is there.

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