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National PBS Show Features Adirondack Region


The Adirondack Region is being featured in two episodes of the PBS television docu-series “Fly Brother With Ernest White II.” One episode is currently airing nationally; the other will be airing later this year.

The Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism (ROOST) worked with the show’s producers to bring the show’s host and his team to the region. The ROOST team provided location scouting, background information, and made arrangements for the crew to meet, interview, and learn about the region from those directly involved in the tourism industry.

Now in its second season, PBS’s “Fly Brother” is an award-winning travel series, hosted by Ernest White II, that focuses on friendship and connection in some of the most intriguing destinations around the world.

Last summer, the crew visited five of the area’s regions, including Tupper Lake, Saranac Lake, Lake Placid, Lake Champlain, and the Hamilton County community of Inlet.

The season two episode features the Whiteface Region, Tupper Lake, Saranac Lake, and Lake Placid. The episode is scheduled to air 75 times across 47 PBS stations throughout the United States, covering 25 million homes. It can also be viewed online at PBhite

While in the Whiteface Region, Tupper Lake, and Saranac Lake, the “Fly Brother” crew visited The Wild Center, enjoyed lunch at the Saranac Waterfront Lodge with Mayor Clyde Rabideau, drove to the top of the Whiteface Memorial Highway, and fished the Ausable River with Brandon Seifert from Hungry Trout Fly Shop in Wilmington.

In addition to the Saranac Lake, Tupper Lake, and Whiteface Region, the “Fly Brother” crew also visited the Lake Champlain area, along with the community of Inlet in Hamilton County. That episode is currently in production and will begin airing at a later date.

According to ROOST Communications Manager Jane Hooper, the organization’s goals align with the show’s mission in that they aim to foster connections between locals and visitors to showcase opportunities for authentic travel experiences. “One of the many roles ROOST has is to showcase the Adirondacks and encourage people to visit the region,” she said. “ROOST works with travel writers, TV hosts, and other media outlets to share information about the area, ultimately encouraging people to plan a trip and experience the Adirondacks first-hand. We know that tourism is an important economic driver within our area; it promotes business success, job creation, infrastructure development, and invigorates communities.”

Another ROOST goal that aligns with the “Fly Brother” message is to help educate residents and visitors about caring for the region to ensure that the tourism economy and its benefits extend to everyone for generations to come. “Fly Brother” host Ernest White II echoes the importance of caring for the planet during his travels.

The beginning of the Adirondack Region episode attests to this. While visiting the Wild Center in Tupper Lake, White interviews David Fadden, educator and storyteller from the Six Nations Iroquois Cultural Center, who explains why travel is important. White asks, “How can we deepen our connection with the land in order to better take care of it?” Fadden replies, “The simple answer is get out there and use all your senses. Take the time to get in a canoe or go on a hike.”

Fly Brother Host Ernest White II kayaks in Saranac Lake with a representative from Adirondack Lakes and Trails.
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  1. Naj Wikoff says:

    which episode of Fly Brother, what’s its title?

  2. Alan Spieldenner says:

    This episode (about the Adirondacks) doesn’t seem to be available for streaming on PBS. I can find many other episodes, but not this one

  3. David West says:

    FYI – Checked CT’s public broadcasting and Fly Brother’s websites and neither of them have yet to announce air dates for the Fly Brother season 2. I’ll keep looking.

  4. mrdale14424 says:

    I live in a region of the country that doesn’t promote or show PBS programs on the Adirondacks; Rochester, NY via WXXI. You wouldn’t know that we even live in the same state!
    I hope that XXI will prove me wrong and not only play this program in the overnight hours.

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