Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Poem: Awaiting The Rain

Awaiting the Rain
Green Adirondack chairs,

Bleached by sun, arms touching,

Commiserate, await, relief for parched planks.

Trees sway, dip and bend in ancient dance,

Nature’s Code Talkers, communicating warning

To all who listen and see.

Gales simulate sea sounds,

As birds fly, squirrels scurry by,

And electricity pungently perfumes the aroused air.

The dance transforms into a passionate L’Apache.

Leaves flutter and tango into irresistible currents,

Twirling, swirling, colliding, hurling to ground.

Bowing to synchrony in strikes of light,

Storm language primal and cleansing,

Sibilant sounds of the womb.

While the chairs with wide open arms,

Sit, entertained, awaiting the rain.


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Annette Pisano-Higley is a Registered Nurse living in both Albany and Florida. She is a published song-lyricist and published a book of her original Adirondack poetry, with photography by her husband Walter Higley, Adirondack Echoes, available on Amazon.com. Annette’s book was inspired by their idyllic summers at the beloved family Camp on Limekiln Lake, Inlet, in the beautiful New York State Adirondack Park.


2 Responses

  1. FRANK PISANO says:

    Another truly beautiful poem from my sister Annette. She has such great feeling of the things and environment around her. Pure, loving and heart.

  2. Annette Pisano Higley says:

    Thank you so much for always loving and supporting me Frankie. Appreciate it more than I can say.

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