Monday, April 4, 2022

Town of Inlet seeks support for APA project: Shared Use Public Safety and Wireless Communication Tower, comments due April 7

By Adele Burnett and Margie O’Hara for the Town of Inlet
It’s public comment time for APA Project 2021-0207 – Town of Inlet Shared Use Public Safety and Wireless Communication Tower. The proposed project includes the installation of two monopine telecommunications towers, one 90-feet tall and the other 95-feet tall (95 feet and 100 feet tall to the top of simulated branching); installation of antennas on the towers for T-Mobile, AT&T, Herkimer County, Hamilton County, and the Town of Inlet; and construction of three separate equipment shelters/pads at the base of the towers. The project involves construction of an access drive 1,130± feet in length from Limekiln Road, to connect with an existing 3,010±-foot-long access drive, and then to connect with an additional 830± feet of existing access drive (to be widened) to reach the tower site. Underground utilities will be installed along the access drive.

Please recognize the importance of this step in our process.  The public comment period expires April 7, 2022, allowing for the application to be considered at the APA’s April 14-15 regular meeting. Remember what approval of our project would mean: the solution to communication problems in the Inlet, Raquette Lake, Big Moose, and Eagle Bay areas for our emergency responders.
Emergency responders in Inlet, Raquette Lake, Big Moose and Eagle Bay have very limited communication tools. Mountains block radio signals creating dead zones within and between each of the communities served. Frequently this makes it difficult to determine the nature and location of the emergency which delays getting help to those in need. Requesting additional manpower, tools and resources on a timely basis is difficult without a good, reliable communication system covering the entire area. Lack of good communication capabilities also puts our volunteer responders at risk. If called out to an emergency during bad weather or extreme cold, they need to be able to communicate instantly with their home base and each other. The solution is a centrally located mountain top emergency communications tower serving Inlet, Raquette Lake, Big Moose and Eagle Bay that can reach out broadly to the areas served. This will provide quicker response times for those in need and enhanced safety for our volunteers.

Your input of personal experiences that resulted from our lack of good communication would be a positive way to support our project. Can you help us with this?  You only have until Thursday, April 7.  Just use the link to contribute electronically.  The link has a snail mail option as well.

For more information about this project please visit:
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