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Old Forge: 17th annual Vintage Snowmobile Show set for June 25-26

The 17th Annual Vintage Snowmobile Club of America (VSCA) National Show will be held at the George T. Hiltebrant Recreation Center on June 25 -26 located at 201 North Street in Old Forge, NY. Snowmobile enthusiasts and collectors are encouraged to come check out this year’s show which will showcase hundreds of vintage sleds, including the 1962 “First-Ever” Polar/Arctic Cat Model 100XX Prototype.

The show will take place from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday and from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sunday. Spectator general admission is $12 for the full weekend, or $10 on Saturday and $5 on Sunday.

The event is sponsored by the Central Adirondack Association. For more information, contact Ed Stabb by calling (315) 942-5575.

Class #      Class Name
R01            Restored Antique – Pre 67 Front Engine
R02           Restored Antique – Pre 67 Rear Engine
U03           Un-restored Antique – Pre 67 Front Engine
U04           Un-restored Antique – Pre 67 Rear Engine
R05           Restored Trail 67-71
U06           Un-restored Trail 67-71
R07           Restored Trail 72-75
U08           Un-restored Trail 72-75
R09           Restored Trail 76-79
U10            Un-restored Trail 76-79
R11             Restored Trail 80-85
U12            Un-restored Trail 80-85
R13            Restored Trail Muscle 70-75
U14            Un-restored Trail Muscle 70-75
R15            Restored Trail Muscle 76-85
U16           UnRestored Trail Muscle 76-85
R17            Restored Vintage Race 70 and Older
U18           Un-restored Vintage Race 70 and Older
R19           Restored Vintage Race 71-75
U20          Un-restored Vintage Race 71-75
R21            Restored Vintage Race 76-85
U22           UnRestored Vintage Race 76-85
R23           Restored I.F.S. 82 and Older
U24          Un-restored I.F.S. 82 and Older
R25           Restored Factory Sno-Pro and P.D.C. Sleds
U26           Un-restored Factory Sno-Pro and P.D.C. Sleds
R27            Restored Tunnel Mount Only 68-75
U28           Un-restored Tunnel Mount Only 68-75
R29           Restored Mini 67-85
U30          UnRestored Mini 67-85
S31            Mini Open Customs / Builders Class
S32           85 and Older Actively Racing/Fan,FA, Liq.
R33           Restored Forgotten Wonders
U34           Un-restored Forgotten Wonders
R35           Restored Combo
U36           Un-restored Combo
S37            Mini-Bikes
R38           Restored 1985 and older – Kids up to age 14
U39           UnRestored 1985 and older – Kids up to age 14
S40           Clone Class
S41            People Choice – Sled/ 1 Trophy
S42           People Choice -Display/ 1 Trophy
S43           Best of Show National Champion/ 1 Trophy
S44           Modern Vintage – All Sleds 85-2005

Photo at top provided by the Old Forge Visitors Information Center.

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