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Hard-hitting French film “Happening” to be shown at Lake Flower Landing on Aug. 2

SARANAC LAKE, NY—The recently formed Abortion Access Committee of Adirondack Voters for Change is proud to present the new feature film “Happening” at Lake Flower Landing, 421 Lake Flower Avenue, in Saranac Lake on Tuesday, August 2, at 7 PM.


A French film that opened in the United States this past spring, “Happening” earned the Golden Lion award for best picture at the prestigious Venice Film Festival last year. It is based on a true story and takes place in the early 1960s when both abortion and contraception were illegal in France and anyone who got an abortion or helped anyone obtain an abortion faced imprisonment.


In this hard-hitting film directed by Audrey Diwan, who co-wrote the screenplay with Annie Ernaux and Marcia Romano, Anne (played by Anamaria Vartolomei) is a bright, young student with a promising future ahead of her—including plans that would make her the first in her family to attend college. But when she learns that she is pregnant, Anne sees the opportunity to finish her studies and escape the constraints of her social background disappearing. She faces two choices: either (1) she can carry her pregnancy to term, abandoning all her hopes for her chosen career; or (2) try to find a way to obtain an illegal abortion, knowing that the second choice could lead to her being imprisoned or even kill her.


Disturbingly, this is a dire dilemma that millions of pregnant Americans could face now that the Supreme Court has struck down its own groundbreaking Roe v. Wade decision—one made nearly 50 years ago that guaranteed a constitutional right to abortion.

Immediately following the screening will be a panel discussion by Tess Barker, CEO of Planned Parenthood of the North Country; Dr. Eve Burns and Dr. James Pate, with Dr. Dorothy Federman serving as moderator. Asked to address the question, “What is the future of reproductive freedom in New York and our nation?,” the panelists will also discuss the film as well as such likely topics as individual citizens and other U.S. residents can make a difference in the battle to reclaim reproductive rights in America. Keep in mind that the majority of Americans believe that decisions of when and if to have a child are up to the person who is pregnant—typically, in consultation with her or their doctor or other healthcare provider.


“This event will be a wake-up call to action before it is too late,” said Jim Abendroth, President of Adirondack Voters for Change and a member of the Abortion Access Committee.


In French with English subtitles, “Happening,” which is not rated and contains adult content, is for mature audiences only. Masks will be required at the event, and a $10 donation is requested. Reservations are strongly recommended. Please RSVP by email to if you plan to attend as seating is very limited.


Photo at top: Original poster for HAPPENING, a French film to be shown at Lake Flower Landing in Saranac Lake on Aug. 2. Photo provided by Frederick Balzac.

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13 Responses

  1. ADKresident says:

    “Keep in mind that the majority of Americans believe that decisions of when and if to have a child are up to the person who is pregnant—typically, in consultation with her or their doctor or other healthcare provider.”…

    No- Keep in mind that the majority of Americans are against aborting a child after 20 weeks and MOST (about 90%) are against a 3rd trimester/ partial birth abortion or abortion on demand for any reason, up until the moment of birth,( and in CA, allowing a baby to die up to 28 days AFTER birth, if the baby survives an abortion! Barbaric is an understatement.)

    How about telling the whole truth and all that is being promoted, fought for and wanting as the “law of the land” by pro choice activists and stop with the dummying down of reality by giving it such a shallow definition like “reproductive rights”, which conveniently ignores and hides the details of today’s pro-abortion agenda which is: abortion on demand, up to the moment of birth, for any reason, including using the tax payers’ $$. The truth is, this is way more than a woman being restricted to having access to abort a ” clump of cells” so she can fulfill her dreams…. Its time to face the truth and reveal all the facts.

    How about promoting “real” choice by educating people and showing them an actual abortion procedure at every stage of pregnancy and what actually takes place before, during and after an abortion to both the woman & baby? Why are those facts being buried and often prevented from being shown? Could it be that anyone with a conscious would possibly rethink the “my body, my choice” stance as they truly “follow the science” with their own eyes? Does it anger the pro abortion lobby that with more technological advances such as 4&5D HD ultrasounds, showing babies in the womb in real-time, that more people are waking up daily to the fact that these are actual human lives and not just a “clump of cells”? Arent we told to ” follow the science” ? Or does that mantra only count when referring to climate change / the environment, but when it comes to biological facts like gender or the growth of unborn babies, ie.,have their own DNA & blood type, when they feel pain, etc, “following the science” goes out the window. Is it that hard to believe that not all women with unplanned pregnancies desire to have an abortion?

    Lastly, how about accepting the fact that there are millions of Pro Life people in America, with many being women , who despise the act of abortion and have been leading this fight over decades, advocating for the most vulnerable and voiceless ?

    Oh, there is a fight alright- its a fight for the Constitutional Right to Life, which btw, actually IS written in the Constitution, where abortion is not. The pro life movement is not backing down, going away or stopping. We are millions – a force to be reckoned with, are unapologetic in our stance, unitimidated by the anger of those who sport pink hats and we are winning and will continue to win.

    And one day, decades from now, as our children look back to our day, they will be just as shocked w/horror, as we are now when we look back at the Holocaust, wondering how we as a nation, could ever consider unborn babies conveniently disposable at will, and not fight to protect, love and embrace them as living beings deserving life, like we do with other species such as eagle eggs and all endangered animals. Sadly, Abortion is America’s Holocaust, but thank God, the tide is turning! Woohoo!!

  2. Dana says:

    “Sadly, Abortion is America’s Holocaust, but thank God, the tide is turning! Woohoo!!”

    Only the politics is changing, not human needs. There is no holocaust – other than women being forced to term against their will.

    SCOTUS didn’t address human needs. They just performed the function they were chosen to do when installed by twisted Senate proceedings. SCOTUS didn’t eliminate abortions – just cleared the way to making them illegal in certain states. When political balance is restored to SCOTUS, either by attrition or addition, the US will likely just flip back to the common view held in the US and around the world – women’s choice. You can make abortion illegal, but it will not go away.

    BTW, 8 billion and counting…

    • ADKresident says:

      “SCOTUS didn’t eliminate abortions – just cleared the way to making them illegal in certain states..”

      Yes, that is true, and is the very definition of a constitutional republic, where the elected of each state are representing the will of the constituents where they live by district/state, which is also why each state has its own constitution. They simply overturned the false notion that abortion is a Constitutional right, where the opposite is actually written: everyone has the right to life.

      I realize it’s hard for many to accept the fact that there are MILLIONS of pro life people , which gives them the constitutional right to be represented, and voices heard by legislation accordingly.

      Those who want an abortion will get one; that will not end. However, the more people that see, understand and know the reality of what actually occurs to a human life, particularly at 20weeks + where babies feel pain, have changed hearts, therefore, less precedures take place, saving lives, and cultivating a culture of life, not death.

      Who, in their heart has no issues with zero restrictions or limitations on abortion and is perfectly ok to kill a 20-week unborn, living, forming human being that feels pain for any reason under the banner of “reproductive rights”?

      It’s ironic, people can have more compassion and zeal to save & protect saplings in the woods than unborn human life. And the funny thing is, they can be one and the same person.

    • JohnL says:

      “Twisted Senate proceedings” ?? Are you talking about the constitutional process for appointing Supremes?
      “When political balance is restored to SCOTUS” ?? I hate to have to point out to someone supposedly smart enough to use a computer to post on this webpage that the number of Supremes is set at 9 precisely BECAUSE it’s an odd number and NOT balanced. If it was otherwise (8 for instance) nothing would ever get decided by the Court. Fun Fact: The same premise is present in all sports playoffs.
      The bigger questions here are: Have you read the Constitution? Do you believe in our form of government? If not, what is your proposal for an alternative? Spoiler alert!! Just doing what YOU want is not a valid alternative.

  3. Balian ther Cat says:

    ADK, as a male who is beyond the age where it would be responsible to father a child I sometimes feel as though I haven’t got a skin in this game. I do wish that we could, as a society, stop with the rhetorical labels however. Suggesting that somebody is “pro life” implies that others are “anti life.” I am also guessing that, in reality, there are few people who are “pro abortion.” I would posit that most so described are more accurately pro the choice not being made for them. I am certain that your viewpoint is shared by millions. I am just as certain that the other view has equal representation – including most of the rest of the world. I am also drawn to thought by your last statement regarding non-human life. I wonder how many people who “see, understand and know the reality of what actually occurs to life” have ever visited an industrial feedlot and still ordered a steak or that basket of chicken wings. And how many pro lifers are also pro death penalty, pro hunting & trapping, etc. I understand very well that you are drawing a line between human and non-human life, but to pontificate is to create the division I know you to be interested in reducing.

    Now look who’s preaching 🙂

    • ADKresident says:

      I totally understand what you are saying in regards to ‘rhetorical labels” and the majority of time it does/can inadvertently throw up a wall between opposing viewpoints at the get-go, shutting down any honest debate. 100%.

      However, when it comes to abortion, I really do no know how you would, for lack of a better word, ‘label’ your position? To me, Pro Choice isn’t truly an appropriate label because “all choices” are not really presented to women, such as adoptions and/or aftercare. Why not give a woman every option available as a choice? (There are countless non-profits and caring groups that are more than willing to help before and after birth…) And abortions itself, are not revealed in full disclosure by educating the woman of the ‘medical’ procedure and how a baby is terminated during each stage of pregnancy. It really should be Pro-Abortion, IMO, because by action and practicality, that is essentially the only choice a woman is given at Planned Parenthood and other ‘women’s clinics’.

      Saying one is Pro-Life, does seem to be appropriate being that those who advocate for the most innocent and voiceless in the womb are considered to be ‘life’, at every stage of growth. Both the woman’s and her baby’s life have the same value.

      I realize it is a tough debate with passionate views on both sides, however, one thing that I find that is almost always missing in every public debate is the biological facts regarding the development of the baby in the womb. This should be added to every sex-ed class, as well as having both girls/ boys watch an actual abortion procedure at all stages. Heck, they are exposed to EVERYTHING else now, but not this? Is it too offensive or does the abortion industry (which is big bu$iness) fear that young minds will then think for themselves and maybe see the act of abortion in raw facts.. We should never underestimate the power of one’s conscious when subjected to truth.

      It also amazes me that if a woman wants her baby, she and everyone else calls it a baby, but if she does not want it, it’s reduced to only being an inconvenient clump of cells, fetus, anything BUT a baby, as if there is this magical change that takes place as to what is really growing inside the womb, whether it be a baby or a clump of cells, simply defined by the act of a woman’s will. There is zero science or even logic that can back that up…

      As to your other points, animals, pro death penalty, etc. I totally understand the argument, but sticking with the subject of abortion or the “act of”, I have yet to hear one pro choice advocate prove that what is growing inside a womb is not life. ( Even bacteria on Mars is considered life- but not a 12 week fetal heartbeat?) All you have to do now is YouTube it and you can clearly see it all…from conception to birth, as well as every abortion procedure. From injecting poison to giving birth to a dead baby and everything in between where the baby’s head is crushed and the body removed limb by limb. It’s a VERY hard truth to accept yet it NEEDS to be told. I would encourage anyone to do their own abortion research….This is FAR MORE than simply ‘reproductive rights”. The unborn baby and value of his/her life NEEDS to be added to the conversation!

      • Balian ther Cat says:

        Compelling arguments, ADK. I will give them careful thought and and use them to inform my conversations around this very difficult and very personal discussion going forward. As always, your tone and delivery make having these discussions possible.

        • ADKresident says:

          Thank you, BtC, for approaching healthy debate and controversial conversations with a listening ear! I try to do likewise.

  4. Charlie Stehlin says:

    ADKresident says: “No- Keep in mind that the majority of Americans are against aborting a child after 20 weeks…”

    Majority of Americans? Where’d you hear this ADK? Isn’t it curious how what I’m hearing, and reading, is contrary to what you say! And who cares what “most” think besides! And why is it that some think they should do the thinking for others, whom they don’t even know? Stinking thinking! There’s a lot of hypocrisy floating around in the ether, much of it coming from sanctimonious fools! Recall ‘My body my choice!’ We’re slipping into territory which harkens back to some dark days I gotta say, and there’s going to be a lot of suffering going on real soon what with the quackery being imposed upon us from the religious right in this country. It seems to me the Separation of Church & State in this country is going the way of the January 6 insurrection. Since we’re also in “banning book” mode I say let’s ban the Bible!

  5. Charlie Stehlin says:

    “Only the politics is changing…”

    Yes sir! And it has only been able to sink this low due to the ignorance that abounds! Nothing less and much more! It won’t last, but the damage done in the meanwhile! Will we survive? Time will tell but many of us are having our doubts.

  6. Charlie Stehlin says:

    ADKresident says: “the very definition of a constitutional republic, where the elected of each state are representing the will of the constituents where they live by district/state, which is also why each state has its own constitution.”

    Speaking of a constitutional republic, um…..have you heard about January 6 ADK?
    How about those red states which are enacting statutes into their books which disavow black and poor voters, and the handicapped; passing laws that criminalize kind folk who might supply refreshing cold water to voters who are waiting in long lines on hot days so that they can fulfill their constitutional duty! What does the Constitution really mean anyway ADK if picking & choosing due to an ideology inherent in one is all that really matters?

  7. Charlie Stehlin says:

    I recently found a book titled, ‘The worst of times’ by Patricia G. Miller 1993. The subtitle reads thus: ‘Illegal abortion– survivors, practitioners, coroners, cops, and children of women who died talk about its horrors.’ And horrors there are, which is a thing surely to be revived all over again thanks to the overturning of Roe V Wade.
    There’s Jane who talks about her mom who “was born in 1899 and passed away in 1932, just a few days before her thirty-third birthday. She bled to death after an illegal abortion, leaving six motherless children who needed her desperately. I was the oldest, twelve, and the youngest was only two.”

    There are stories about general practitioners, and unethical medical practices, which women had to endure in order to have their illegal abortions, including consenting to having sex with the doctor. There’s a story about one woman who couldn’t get access to birth control, “They just wouldn’t let me have it, so I just kept having babies….” Gloria says, “My mother died from an illegal abortion. She was twenty-seven years old. I was only six….” and on and on there are so many experiences shared in this volume.

    The author was being futuristic as she knew the threat in 1993 of Roe V Wade being overturned. She wrote: “What about our future if we recriminalize abortion? Would we go back to what these women and men saw and experienced twenty to sixty years ago? Or might illegal abortion be less dangerous thanks to medical advances?”

    We are going to find out soon enough. Perchance it does work its way out, and children are born left and right, they start spilling over into the streets, the population exploding…..who is going to pay for their education if they even receive one? Who is going to pay for their medical expenses when they come up sick? What about housing and employment? How about the prison population increasing because those little ones had no good guidance, or any sense of hope, as they grew up, and so they went criminal? How about their victims which could very well turn out to be a great aunt or uncle to our posterity? We beech about being over-taxed now, so where is all of the money going to come from to support all of the programs for these needy children whatever their ills or woes might be? Their poor parents surely aren’t going to be able to provide. I know….the wealthy will donate to these needs! Problem solved!

    What are we to do with an exploded population, which is a problem even now as we debate this issue? Once all these millions of children are spit from the womb, will we still feel the love we felt prior? Or are they ‘on their own?’ Questions! I am so full of them curious me!

  8. Charlie Stehlin says:

    “I do wish that we could, as a society, stop with the rhetorical labels however. Suggesting that somebody is “pro life” implies that others are “anti life.” I am also guessing that, in reality, there are few people who are “pro abortion.”

    Your thoughts on this matter hit home with me Balian! Thank you for your sensible thinking on this matter.

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