Thursday, August 18, 2022

ADK Park: Environmental Conservation Police News

Sunbaked Rattlesnake – Warren County
On Aug. 7, ECO Krug responded to Turtle Island in Lake George to remove an unwanted guest from a campsite. Using the appropriate tools, Officer Krug removed a rattlesnake sunning itself near the shoreline. Turtle Island is a popular spot for rattlesnakes from nearby Tongue Mountain. ECOs respond to similar calls to the island several times a year. Based on its painted tail, Officer Krug determined the rattlesnake had been picked up in the past. He turned the snake over to a research assistant working with a professor at Skidmore College studying the local rattlesnake population. The students collect data from the snake and then release it further away from potential human contact.

Officer Krug with rattlesnake. DEC photo.

Truck Detail – Essex County
On Aug. 3, ECOs in Essex County joined the New York State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit for a vehicle checkpoint focusing on emissions in the town of Schroon. Officers checked many trucks and tested the exhaust on 10 stacks emitting visible smoke. While none of the trucks were over the opacity limit, the ECOs issued tickets to three drivers for inadequate leaking exhausts. Officers took one truck out of service for multiple violations.


ECO Nicols at truck emissions detail checkpoint in Essex County. DEC photo.



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Information attributed to NYSDEC is taken from press releases and news announcements from New York State's Department of Environmental Conservation.

4 Responses

  1. Joe Kozlina says:

    One way to stop the destruction of our environment and conserve our natural resources including the health and life of our wildlife is to seriously restrict the use of ATV’s in the park.

    • Boreas says:


      They do have some serious restrictions, but enforcement is key. Need more officers and “presence” for that.

      • Joe Kozlina says:

        What is considered serious and where can I find these restrictions? The size of these atv’s are enormous. I know they can be fun. I used to ride dirt bikes in the woods around my home if pa. The impact of a trail bike is minor compared to the trails and ruts these monster quads make. More policing in the park seems to little to late. The damage I have seen is shameful. If the fine for violating the law was confication of the atv. I think it would stop in one summer. Joe

  2. Tony Kerst says:

    My father, Dwinal G. Kerst, was appointed to a Game Protector position in 1933. We lived in Schroon Lake, and our depression-hungry family was so grateful for this civil service appointment! Family lore has it that he was the lone law enforcement officer for all of the Adirondacks for quite a few years. He eventually became the Asst. District Game Protector for Region 5 as I recall, and then assumed the District GP role in Raybrook in 1956. He retired (and passed away) on his 65th birthday in 1968.
    Tony Kerst

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