Sunday, August 28, 2022

ADK receives $303,960 Northern Border Regional Commission grant for Cascade Welcome Center renovations

Lake Placid, NY — ADK (Adirondack Mountain Club) has been awarded a $303,960 Northern Border Regional Commission (NBRC) State Economic & Infrastructure Development (SEID) grant for renovations at Cascade Welcome Center. The grant was announced by Congresswoman Elise Stefanik on Wednesday as part of a $4.1 million package awarded to projects in NY-21.

The funding will be used to make Cascade Welcome Center available to the public for skiing and other outdoor activities, as well as to develop the Center into a fully accessible, year-round, world-class outdoor education and visitor information center. This will help visitors and residents connect with the Adirondack Park’s numerous outdoor opportunities as they travel to and from the region.

“Prominently situated along Route 73 between Keene and Lake Placid, Cascade Welcome Center will allow ADK to help even more visitors have safe and responsible experiences in the outdoors,” said Michael Barrett, ADK Executive Director. “We thank Congresswoman Stefanik and the Northern Border Regional Commission for their support, which ensures that we can continue the work needed to realize this vision.”

“I am proud to announce that over $4 million in taxpayer dollars will be returned to our district to invest in valuable infrastructure, skills training that leads to good-paying jobs, economic development, and tourism in our region,”Stefanik said. “The Northern Border Regional Commission grants and projects have already made a significant impact in our communities, and I am proud to take a leading role in increasing access to the program for Upstate New York and the North Country and ensuring NY-21 communities are prioritized by this critical program. I will continue to advocate for Northern Border Regional Commission funding that has greatly benefited our North Country communities.”

About ADK 

Based out of the Adirondack Park in New York State, ADK is a leader in providing outdoor education, promoting responsible recreation, and organizing stewardship experiences. Since 1922, the organization has worked to increase access to the backcountry by building trails, conserving natural areas, and developing a stewardship community that supports the ethical and safe use of New York’s outdoor spaces. A member, donor, and volunteer-supported organization, ADK reaches across New York through its 27 chapters to inspire people to enjoy the outdoors ethically.

Photo at top: Adirondack Mountain Club website photo.

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21 Responses

  1. Bob Meyer says:

    I hope the voters in her district will not be fooled by this announcement. Any incompent democrat or Republican would be doing the same thing in an election year. This is no way mollifies her shameful and continued support for Trump and his big lie nor does it make up for all the other regressive xenophobic Christian nationalist and other disgusting aspects of Ms. Stefanik.

    • JohnL says:

      “Regressive xenophobic Christian Nationalist and other disgusting aspects of Ms Stefanik”. Wow, not bad, but you forgot the most important epithet of people on your side of the aisle, that being RACIST. Xenophobic is kind of a subset of racist, but doesn’t sound as bad. Try to remember that next time.
      P.S. You can always lobby to refuse to take the money. That would teach her.
      P.P.S. Love Rep Stefanik. Best Rep in NYS.

      • Bob Meyer says:

        Re: best rep in NY? 🥴🤣
        You obviously didn’t read all of my post. I’m all for all the money we can get for the North Country.
        As for xenophobic her voting record speaks for itself and whether or not she is actually a racist, we do know she supports definite racists in congress and up for election in various states.

        • Ben says:

          Awh, does Bob need a hug or a swift kick in his democrap ass!

          • Bob Meyer says:

            I’ll refrain from stopping to your level of vitriol.
            But, your ass kicking suggestion and the use of the made up word “democrap” says more about you and your intolerance than anything else.

            • Ben says:

              I have tolerance for just about anything & everything except democraps! And it’s STOOPING not stopping!

              • Bob Meyer says:

                TYPO! You think I don’t know?
                And yes, you are intolerant and disrespectful of other viewpoints. In the true spirit and tradition of our democracy you are very un-American.

            • JohnL says:

              Bob, spare me the crocidile tears. You say you will “refrain from stooping to your level of vitriol”. It’s too late Bob. Your original post had more vitriol than any of our following comments. YOU, and you alone, set the tone for any posts that followed. Got that Fisherking??

              • Bob Meyer says:

                The difference is Stefanik is a public elected figure who’s actions and words carry a wholly different weight to that of private citizens.
                Your comments are personal attacks which should not be part of any civilized discourse… but alas carry on fellow citizen and enjoy yourself. ☮️😏

          • Fisherking says:

            Personal insults and threats of physical violence in political discourse are sure signs of societal devolution.

      • Bill Keller says:

        Drank the Kool-Aide didn’t you. Do you believe in “Jewish Space Lasers” and “Trump won the election” too? Best Rep, in no way shape or form. Upstate Republicans are so out of touch they bite the hand that feeds them. Upstate generates 28% of the state’s revenue while consuming 42% of the state’s expenditures, in actuality upstate Republicans love the benefits of socialism. Just ask any corporate CEO.

    • ADKresident says:

      Gee, Bob- It’s hard to take anything you say seriously now when you spew out so much unhinged negative emotion. If you ever want anyone to actually listen to your words with any degree of interest, you may want to look in the mirror and face your own biases and tone down the hatred because right now, you’ve lost all reasonable credibility in any of your future comments.

      • JohnL says:

        Don’t give him any tips ADK. Let him stumble along with his ‘unhinged negative emotion’. He’s funnier that way.

        • ADKresident says:

          Yeah, wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a “Hate Has No Home Here” with a big heart lawn sign in the front yard.

  2. Gary N. LEE says:

    Elise Stefanik voted against the Federal Infrastructure Bill in Congress, nice she can announce getting money for this project that she didn’t approve of.

  3. David Sawyer says:

    Stefanik had nothing to do with these grants. Period

  4. David Sawyer says:

    NRBC was codified in 2008. The five governors of the participating states vote for funding. Stefanik has absolutely nothing to do with this.

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