Sunday, September 18, 2022

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Melissa is a journalist with experience as a reporter and editor with the Burlington Free Press, Ithaca Journal and Fairbanks Daily News-Miner. She worked as a communications specialist for the Adirondack North Country Association and is currently digital editor for Adirondack Explorer, overseeing both the Explorer's website and its community forum the Adirondack Almanack. She enjoys hiking, camping and other outdoors activities, and spending time with her husband, their twin daughters, and rescue animals -- two dogs and two cats.

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  1. louis curth says:

    North Country voters might be interested in reading Alex Gault’s report in the WDT of 9/16 22 (also in Adk Daily Ent. 9/17/22) titled “Stefanik supports Republican bill to ban abortions after 15 weeks.

    Representative Stefanik’s full-throated support for a nationwide ban on abortions is just the latest example of political calculations and self-serving lies that have enabled her to catch Trump’s notice and become a rising Republican “star”.

    This latest Republican sponsored anti-abortion legislation reeks of hypocrisy starting with its tortured wordplay of a name; the “Protecting Pain-Capable Unborn Children from Late-Term Abortions Act,”. and continuing with its red meat justification, intended by Stefanik and her fellow Republicans, to gin up the votes of religious extremists and their fellow travelers on election day. Never mind that this political trickery spreads an unsubstantiated “alternative fact”about pain which is NOT supported by leading medical authorities such as the College of Obstetricians.

    Perhaps the greatest irony of all is that while Stefanik says she supports ending abortions nationwide due to alleged pain to the fetus, yet she shows far less interest in working to alleviate the pain of families and children right here in the Adirondacks and elsewhere all across America. What about their pain?

    Tim Rowland’s Sept. 5th report in the Adirondack Explorer reveals that
    we have far too many dysfunctional families in the Adirondacks. Poverty, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, wage disparities, insufficient child care and affordable housing are becoming endemic – especially for growing numbers of women and children who must rely on help from a fraying social safely net.

    Sadly, the struggle women face in our north country and elsewhere has been made even more painful by the Republican engineered Supreme Court decision that just wiped away fifty years of established womens’ rights over their own bodies and their own reproductive choices. What will be next?

    Voters have much to consider as our election day nears…

  2. ADKresident says:

    Sorry, louis, what is self-serving is unrestricted abortion on demand up to the moment of birth- for any reason. Barbaric.

    To say that an unborn baby does not feel pain as ‘alternative facts” is a downright, biological LIE!!!! I would encourage you to do your own research, drop the political influences and study the development of a human life in the womb, as it should be taught in every school. From the detecting of a heartbeat at 6 weeks & having its own DNA, to the development of the neurological system, spinal chord and brain function, to responding to the mother’s voice, sounds, sucking of the thumb & even hiccupping within the womb, etc., all needs to be, not only celebrated as the miracle it is, but protected like we do every other living species on our planet- including animals and tree saplings!

    With 4D technology available today, we can all view with our own eyes a perfectly formed, healthy, alive & kicking baby, leaving no excuse for the ignorance we are ‘choosing’ to accept for political & personal gains. To claim that an unborn baby can be defined only as a ‘reproductive choice” is denying the reality that we are treating human life as being disposable like a piece of garbage, tossed in the trash. One would actually have to falsely believe that the birth canal is somehow this magical passageway that a baby passes through THEN experiences pain, which is both ignorant and ludicrous. (If that were true, anesthesia would not be necessary during fetal surgery in utero, as well as fetal heartbeat monitoring, etc.- all which are undeniable facts.)

    To dillute the ACT of abortion to being only the denial of ‘women’s rights over her own body”, is shallow at best , totally ignoring and treating as irrelevant what happens to the baby and nothing but political power grabs.

    You should also research the self-proclaimed ugenicist, Margaret Sangor, founder of Planned Parenthood, and read her writings and how she wanted to get rid of the ‘unwanted’ black population.I am amazed how many abortion advocates who claim to be the voice for inclusion / diversity are ignorant of Margaret Sangor and never read her pathetic, racist writings. She would be proud to see how many black & brown babies are aborted each year as Planned Parenthoods are predominately planted in their neighborhoods – a dream fulfilled for her! Coincidence? I think not.

    louis, it is sad to see that your anger, disappointment and/or feelings of betrayal and offense of the republican party has now blinded you to scientific, biological facts to the point where you are actually justifying & advocating the legislative act of the willful murder of a perfectly healthy 3rd trimester human being, up to the moment of birth at will for any reason. How can you ever, with a clear conscious, say that is perfectly ok and a good thing? Have you ever even witnessed a 2nd or 3rd trimester abortion? It’s gut-wrenching. You should watch that as well- then tell me how it was a ‘woman’s body” on the table, and not the lifeless corpse of an innocent baby or pieces of it’s body in counted parts.

    Lastly, I do not believe abortion is a left or right issue; it is an issue of how we, as Americans, choose to either value or devalue all life. How we treat, protect and defend the voiceless and most vulnerable defines the real ‘soul of America’ .

    I unapologically vote for life, and no matter who attempts to redefine and/or deny the Act of Abortion itself, put their political spin on it, or how many ‘degrees’ they hold, in the end, it will always still end the same way- the Death of a Life. We all are choosing Life or Death- and like it or not, we will all be held accountable and reap the consequences for our decision.

  3. Boreas says:

    I have always found the fervor for the Second Amendment right for citizens to bear arms – including assault weapons – and its unique effect on violence and death in the US, and the consideration to an unborn child and a woman’s right vs. obligation to carry the baby to term to be antithetical. How can someone be for pain/suffering in one instance and against it in another? This incongruity seems to go beyond simple political ideologies on both sides of these arguments.

    • ADKresident says:

      Boreas, how can you even make this comparison ? To totally disregard, again, what happens during the act of an abortion to the baby, as if it is no big deal is incomprehensible. To compare that procedure, particularly in the 2nd/3rd trimester to one carrying an inanimate object as if owning a firearm in itself ends in a death, is not even reality and a poor argument to justify the slaughtering of an innocent baby. The truth is, there is no comparison, for every abortion ends a life, while few gun owners are actually murderers.

      The only similarity , in your reasoning, is what resides in the heart of the person- the intent to end a human life. Other than that, there’s no valid comparison both statistically and in reality when we are talking close to 500k – million babies’ lives per year are terminated, mostly as a form of birth control, out of inconvenience. (not rape, incest or medically in danger). That is a hard reality to swallow and undeniably wrong. Yet nowadays many fight for this as a right, as if it is a virtue and something to be proud of….Shame on us as a society for accepting this as a good thing.

      • Boreas says:


        I certainly do not consider aborting a fetus a good thing. The taking of a life is always a serious decision. But should we allow ordinary, citizens the ability to access weapons designed to take many innocent, adult human lives with only one magazine of ammunition, while at the same time denying a woman her reproductive rights by aborting an unwanted pregnancy? Not all abortions are late-term abortions. Many abortions today are medically-induced early in the pregnancy.

        In my opinion, our society in the US has to answer for our nearly unique stance on gun violence and political reluctance to take reasonable steps to help alleviate it. Mass shootings are essentially considered “acceptable losses” in order to maintain the easy access to assault weapons. Is there realistically any difference in a mas-shooting scenario whether an assault rifle is used or a fully automatic weapon? The carnage is dependent on the number of rounds of ammunition that is easily carried to a place where people cannot easily escape – not whether the shooter has to pull the trigger for each shot fired. It can even be argued a semi-auto weapon is deadlier because each round can be aimed more accurately.

        So while one may not be able to directly compare easy access to assault weapons to abortion, you can’t convince me the relative ease in taking a human life is NOT comparable. But when a woman chooses to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, she is not committing mass murder – something that is made easy by ubiquitous availability of assault weapons in the US. So why the vehemence against a woman in a precarious situation within her own body while at the same time supporting the rights of citizens to easily buy, hold, and perhaps illegally use assault weapons? Seems to me to be hypocritical and a politically cynical distinction.

        I am stating my position on both situations, as indeed you are. We don’t agree. I won’t change mine, you won’t change yours.

        • ADKresident says:

          Boreas~ I have no issues with disagreement and when one is open, can lead to a good, healthy debate. However, what is still disturbing to me is the total disregard, and even ignoring how the act of abortion affects the baby. While it is true, most are not late term, the fact that we are even willing to make it legal with no limitations up to the moment of birth is disgraceful and if only 1% are late term, that is 5,000 babies killed per year- which IS mass murder, one by one.

          If you can explain why that is accepted without pointing to a different subject to justify your stance, I’m all ears. But I have yet to hear one pro choice person ever discuss the procedures that kill a baby. It is either, they do simply not know, or choose to not know because the facts are so horrendous, it just may prick their conscious and cause a change of heart.

          Then who, if not us, will be an advocate for the babies who cannot speak for themselves?

  4. louis curth says:

    Well ADKresident,I don’t doubt for a minute that your strong opinion on abortion is heartfelt, however I feel that you are missing the point of my comment.

    The reason that I suggested Alex Gault’s article to Almanack readers was because it raises serious questions for voters to consider BEFORE they vote about what is really behind Stefanik’s sudden interest in fetal pain so close to election day. just Coincidence? Not likely, given her record of skirting the truth and attaching herself to any political calculation that may help her attain Republican stardom.

    As an “unapologetic” right-to-lifer, I expect that you will just poo-poo anything I say about the children worldwide enduring lives of pain and suffering through no fault of their own, or in defense of women to have rights over their own bodies – yes, including abortions, which by the way are going to happen anyway – legally or otherwise – when women become desperate.

    Maybe someday we can all move toward the discussion we need most of all to find practical remedies for what is happening to our dysfunctional families, and the women and children here in the north country and getting them the helping hand they need from our social service system. We might start by confronting Stefanik and her fellow Republicans about some of their questionable priorities.

    • ADKresident says:

      Seriously, louis? You are actually surprised? Surely you know by now that magnifying certain issues to stir a base before elections is what politicians do- ALL OF THEM- right, left and everyone in between!

      To seem surprised and even take offense by it is, whether it be Stefanik, or anyone else running for re-election, is what I find surprising. Imagine that, politicians playing politics at election time. Who knew?

  5. louis curth says:

    Reminds me of some old song lyrics (with apologies to Tommy Dorsey).

    I blow through here
    The music goes ’round and around
    And it comes out here…

    And where is here?
    Communities dealing with drug and alcohol abuse that is increasingly affecting struggling Adirondack families with no end in sight.

    grandparents raising grandchildren in 25% of Essex County families. Children in Essex County 4 times more likely to end up bouncing in and out of foster care ( which is 8 % higher than the national average).

    Families right here in these Adirondacks, that we all love and care about so much, are increasingly becoming trapped in a worsening cycle of dysfunction that they cannot get out of without the assistance of those elected and appointed to help us.

    In the old days, the music from broken records never played well until we changed them…

    • Catherine Vitco says:

      louis curth,

      And maybe the ‘old days’ has some stability & wisdom there that we can look back to and glean from to see where we have veered off the road?

      “…they cannot get out of without the assistance of those elected and appointed to help us”……

      Quite possibly that is much of the problem: thinking that, trusting in and putting one’s faith in the government / elected officials to be the answers to solve our problems, and be our provider of every need. That only fosters false expectations that are never met, which can only lead towards a downward spiral of disappointment, hopelessness and depression.

    • JohnL says:

      Just curious Louis, if anyone has ever asked those grandparents if they would wish that their grandchildren had never been born. Or the kids. Would they themselves prefer to have never been born. Just curious.
      Not sure ‘kill the baby’ is the answer to all the problems you describe (dysfunctional families, alcohol and drug abuse, unwanted pregnancies etc). Seems like we should be able to do better than that as a society.

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