Monday, October 17, 2022

ADK to open Cascade trails this winter

cascade ski center

The Future of Skiing and Snowshoeing at Cascade Welcome Center 

Cascade Welcome Center has incredible potential as a community resource for both the surrounding towns and ADK supporters. In fact, its reputation under its previous ownership was just that—it was a family-friendly ski center that welcomed novice and experienced skiers, introduced kids to winter sports, and provided locals and visitors with space to enjoy the many benefits that come with outdoor recreation. ADK intends to double-down on this tradition.

To that end, ADK will be running a full-on cross-country and snowshoe center this winter out of Cascade Welcome Center. From the moment the snow sticks until the last flakes melt away, visitors will be able to enjoy 12 miles of groomed trails that wind through dense woodland, along open wetlands, and past incredible views of surrounding high peaks. Many of these trails are rated as easy, making this a great area for first-time skiers, families, and those looking for a more relaxing trip. That said, there are a couple stretches on the south end of the property—namely Flanagan’s Run—that offer some exciting downhill runs.

As a part of this, we will offer ski and snowshoe rentals and retail. This includes cross-country skis, bindings, and boots; snowshoes; gear accessories; and basic winter clothing. Visitors will be able to pick up whatever they need for a day on the trail. We will also continue our information services to help visitors plan trips to other parts of the area, whether those be high peaks summits or local community trails like our own.

Finally, to open this amazing property up to our many supporters, we are adding a new benefit for all ADK members: free skiing and snowshoeing. In other words, as a part of ADK membership, you now get a season pass to Cascade Welcome Center. Show up, show us your membership card, and you can explore the trail network here as much as you like this winter. It’s our ways of thanking supporters like you for helping us continue to grow as an organization.

As we wait for the snow to fly, we plan to open Cascade Welcome Center up for ski and snowshoe retail on November 11. This will include a sale, so be sure to stop by! Once we start grooming, we’ll be providing trail condition updates on our website at using TrailHub. If you see green on the map, come join us for some fun on the trail!

Photo courtesy of Adirondack Mountain Club

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Michael Barrett is the Executive Director of the Adirondack Mountain Club.

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