Friday, October 28, 2022

Planning for Thanksgiving: Buying a turkey from a local farm/retailer

Have you considered buying a local turkey for your Thanksgiving meal this year? Buying a pasture-raised turkey from a local farm is one way to offer gratitude for the people and land that nourish your family. Locally raised turkeys are also usually raised in more humane conditions, and are much more flavorful and delicious. Most local farms and retailers require customers to pre-order and place a deposit on their turkeys in advance, generally from September-October. Browse the list below to reserve a local turkey for your Thanksgiving table.

Adirondack Harvest Member Farms Selling Thanksgiving Turkeys This Year:
“Whole frozen turkeys, raised on pasture and processed humanely on our farm.”
“Pasture-raised, given plenty of room to run around and stretch their wings. Non-GMO, vegetarian-based grains, raised without added hormones or antibiotics.”
“These pastured beauties will be ready for pick-up November 19th – November 23rd! Your Turkey and giblets will be fresh upon pick-up – ready to prepare for your Harvest Celebration!”
“All naturally raised beef, chicken and turkeys. No growth hormones, pesticides or herbicides.”
“Woven Meadows raises free-range, pastured, organic-fed turkeys, perfectly timed for your Thanksgiving feast… by free-ranging turkeys receive more exercise, which seems to make for a denser meat which better retains moister while cooking, and overall is more flavorful…Like our chickens, we process our turkeys here on the farm… We aim to butcher on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, to allow pick-up of fresh turkeys for your holiday meals.”

Other Local Farms Offering Thanksgiving Turkeys:

“Pasture-raised turkeys from on our diversified small family farm in Saranac, NY.”
“We are so proud and grateful to be offering thanksgiving turkeys this year from our friends at Wrong Direction Farm, who raise excellent Pasture Raised Organic Turkeys… they are fed Organic Feed, they have never received any form of hormone, antibiotic, or such, and as soon as weather and development allow they are on fresh grass every day or few days. Very similar in quality and management to the way we raise our own animals here at Reber Rock Farm. Read more here.

Adirondack Harvest Member Retail Shops Selling Thanksgiving Turkeys This Year:

Photo at top provided by Mary Godnick, Adirondack Harvest Communication Coordinator.

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Mary Godnick is the Digital Editor for Cornell Cooperative Extension of Essex County. She lives in the Champlain Valley where she grows vegetables on a cooperative farm plot with her partner and two rescue dogs. You can read more of her work on and follow her on Twitter at @MaryGodnick.

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