Saturday, November 19, 2022

Public comments sought on draft Recreation Management Plan for land in Edwards

easement land

Draft Plan Creates Public Recreational Opportunities on Easement Lands

DEC is seeking public comment on a draft recreation management plan (RMP) for the Western Lassiter Conservation Easements, in the town of Edwards, St. Lawrence County. The Western Lassiter Conservation Easement RMP consists of the 1,336-acre Beers Lot Conservation Easement and the 834-acre Pine Hill Conservation Easement. The public comment period on the draft RMP is open until Nov. 30.

In 1989, DEC purchased certain rights on the Beers Lot and Pine Hill tracts as part of a larger acquisition from Lassiter, LLC. Conservation easements on those tracts ensure the properties will remain as privately owned sustainable working forests, protect natural resources, continue private recreational leases, and allow for specific public recreation opportunities.

Beaver dam at the edge of wetland in the Western Lassiter conservation easement.

In 2019, the landowner/lessee exclusive use period included in the terms of the easement expired, creating recreational opportunities for the public. While access to Pine Hill is currently limited, the roads and trails of the Beers Lot easement are open to the public. The draft plan proposes motorized and non-motorized public recreational opportunities.

Motorized opportunities:

Non-motorized opportunities include camping, hunting, trapping, fishing, and nature observation.

A virtual presentation, copy of the draft RMP, and an online survey to submit comments can be found on the DEC website. DEC is accepting public comments through Nov. 30, 2022 and comments can be submitted by mail to Peter D’Luhosch, Program Manager, DEC Potsdam Sub-Office, 190 Outer Main St Suite 103, Potsdam, NY 13676, or by email to

Pictured: Top- Forested portion of the Western Lassiter Conservation Easements, courtesy of DEC Ashleigh Grosso. Bottom- beaver dam in the Western Lassiter Conservation Easement, courtesy of DEC Peter D’Luhosch.

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4 Responses

  1. william c hill says:

    It would be nice to get motorized access to reach Beaver Lake.

  2. Joe Kozlina says:

    What part of allowing motorized vehicles into a forest has to do with land conservation? Noise, smoke, beer cans, bottles, dripping oil and gasoline, erosion,muddy runoff into streams,general rowdiness. I was young and had motorized vehicles, I was rowdy on them. Nothing has changed regarding motorized vehicles and their occupants. Allow the forest to be a forest, Quiet, pristine waters, walking trails and solitude. We have enough roads to go and ride quads and motorized vehicles on. The wildlife will say no to motorized vehicles.

    • Go to another state land parcel to avoid motor recreation. This land has been logged for generations, had many hunting camps and for the most part is not very scenic. The land is not in the park it would be just another buffer zone around the blue line Develop atv trails and give the Edwards area something that people might want come here for. By the way I’m sure you don’t live around here and just because you were rowdy doesn’t mean the rest of the public is. Your logic is insane

  3. Joe Kozlina says:

    The photos of the land looks beautiful. Its hard to imagine the damage of allowing motorized vehicles access to this quiet place. I understand the monetary aspect of development, I just think we have enough traffic entering our wooded lands and need more peaceful locations in order to sustain our commetment to limiting the polution these vehicles will present.

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