Monday, November 14, 2022

Screening of hard-hitting French film “Happening” set for Nov. 19 in Saranac Lake

SARANAC LAKE, NY—The Abortion Access Committee of Adirondack Voters for Change is proud to present a second screening of the prize-winning feature film “Happening” at BluSeed Studios, located at 24 Cedar Street in Saranac Lake on November 19 at 7 p.m. “Happening” is a hard-hitting French film that opened in the United States last Spring and earned the Golden Lion award for Best Picture at the prestigious Venice Film Festival last year. It is based on a true story and takes place in the early 1960s when both abortion and contraception were illegal in France and anyone who got an abortion (or helped anyone obtain an abortion) faced imprisonment.

The screenplay is based on the book Happening by Annie Ernaux who just received the 2022 Nobel Prize for Literature for her body of work. The story of Anne is highly relevant now that the Supreme Court has struck down its own groundbreaking Roe v. Wade decision—one made nearly 50 years ago that guaranteed a constitutional right to abortion. A panel discussion will immediately follow the screening. The panel will consist of Dr. Eve Burns, Dr. James Pate, Katie Ramus of Planned Parenthood of the North Country, N.Y., and Ms. Shir Filler, local educator. Dr. Dorothy Federman will serve as moderator.


In French with English subtitles, “Happening,” which is not rated and contains adult content, is for mature audiences only. Masks will be optional. $10 requested donations will be used to help provide abortion access in restrictive states.


Photo at top: Original poster for “Happening,” a hard-hitting French film shown at Lake Flower Landing in Saranac Lake on Aug. 2, 2022. A second screening of the film is set for November 19 at BluSeed Studios in Saranac Lake. Photo provided by Frederick Balzac.

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21 Responses

  1. Charlie Stehlin says:

    “My body my choice!” is what we heard from very loud voices from those who refused to be vaccinated and who didn’t like that our government was imposing such upon them and their children in schools (while many others were okay with their children being vaccinated.) But then, when ‘Roe V Wade’ was overturned those same campers disagreed with all of those woman who were pro-choice and who floated signs that said, “My body my choice!” Hypocrisy in the umpth degree!

    • ADKresident says:

      Fair enough- the accusation of hypocrisy has validity but can be applied on both sides. The only difference being, the body inside the woman’s body is NOT her body.

      If you need an example or two: Walk into the women’s restroom of many bars and you’ll see a sign hanging on the wall reminding women how much the consumption of alcohol harms her unborn baby or read the warnings on many prescription labels: Do not take if pregnant. I could keep going, but you get the idea- the body inside the woman is not her body and has no choice.

  2. ADKresident says:

    “…the Supreme Court has struck down its own groundbreaking Roe v. Wade decision—one made nearly 50 years ago that guaranteed a constitutional right to abortion.”

    This narrative being propagated regarding the Supreme Court’s recent decision of Roe v. Wade is simply a flat out lie.

    It would be integral for both journalists and editors to correctly state the facts of the actual ruling, and if they do not know to do their own research, and not simply be a bullhorn for pro-choice advocates, who are twisting the facts of the decision in order to set a narrative that simply isn’t true.

    Besides the fact that there is NOTHINIG in the Constitution that states a woman has a ‘right’ to abort her baby, the recent SCOTUS decision did NOT stop the rights of women to have an abortion; they only ruled to give the power back to each state to decide for themselves as a Constitutional Republic. ( to which even the late Justice RBG publicly stated that the ruling 50 yrs ago was not a ‘constitutional right, and could be rightly overturned)

    What the current ruling actually does, is give both pro life and pro choice the opportunity, as diverse constituents of each state fair representation according to how they decide for themselves and then allowing them to frame and or modify an amendment to their own State Constitution, if they so choose, as the law within that state. This is the precise reason we are not fundamentally a ‘democracy’, as being falsely stated everywhere, but a Constitutional Republic, eliminating mob rule from ANY ONE side and allowing for diverse representation accordingly.

    What I have stated is what the latest ruling by the SCOTUS actually means, not the false narrative that is being propagated and repeated in media outlets across this nation. Let the people decide for themselves. There are millions on both sides of this issue.

  3. Marc Wigle says:

    Let’s keep killing babies.

  4. Joan Grabe says:

    State laws cannot countermand or supersede federal law. When Roe v Wade established that a woman had a right to an abortion all sorts of restrictions were enacted like the Hyde Amendment that. forbade federal funds from being used for abortions and gestational limits etc by the states and federal legislatures. Any subsequent Supreme Court Justices to the decision on Roe v Wade were extensively questioned on their stand on abortion and every one of them said they would support that decision. They lied. There is no false narrative here. The Supreme Court and the states through the Amendment process have been modifying and tweaking the Constitution since it’s inception i.e. The Bill of Rights etc. Not one word of it is written in stone. Incidentally there have been ballots in states since that last retrograde decision of the SC that have codified abortion policy, even in traditional red states. With traditional red state women ! Women have spoken and we will continue to speak on this and other matters that directly affect us !

    • ADKresident says:

      Joan Grabe, You do NOT speak for all women. It’s a fallacy to think that ALL women are advocates for abortion. Who do you think led this 50 year battle? Women! And mind you, we are no small number and growing, being there are millions of us. And a s a woman, I find abortion to be one of the most repulsive acts on our planet against humanity.

      Thank you- you validated my point. If you want to amend the Constitution, then there is a process in place to do so. But as of today, there is NO Constitutional right to an abortion and there wasn’t 50 years ago, being there is nothing written anywhere in the document. Likewise, if people want their state to be pro-choice, then it’s up to the state legislatures to make those amendments. But, keep in mind, those who are pro-life also have that same right to do so as well and are not going away! I don’t want my tax money going to the killing of the unborn and will continue in the battle as well as many other women who also pro-life advocates.

      • Joan Grabe says:

        No, in those red states it was not the legislatures but the voters who passed these initiatives. We don’t need a federal amendment. You wanted this mattter back in the hands of the states and they have answered you.
        No one is asking pro life people to go away but I am asking why elected and appointed officials are standing between women and their doctors ?

  5. louis curth says:

    “But there will be no attempt by countries at Cop27 to connect the inexorable growth of human numbers with the seemingly unstoppable rise in temperatures. Despite the fact that the several billion more people expected to be alive in 70 years’ time will put more pressure on resources and will produce far more emissions, the population explosion is yet again being ignored, sidestepped or denied by world leaders. ”
    John Vidal, The Guardian 11/15/22

    ‘If every girl was able to exercise her sexual and reproductive rights … it could
    reduce total emissions.’’ Malala Yousafzai, Nobel prizewinner

  6. JohnL says:

    ‘If every girl was able to exercise her sexual and reproductive rights … it could
    reduce total emissions.’ Malala Yousafzai, Nobel prizewinner

    If she means that we should reduce total emissions by killing children to stop some fly by night theory that we can affect the inexorable march of climate, then Malala is one sick puppy. If Malala’s ‘theory’ was correct, AND if every girl cared as much as you or she think they do, they would either abstain from sex or have themselves ‘fixed’ so they aren’t capable of producing children. Killing children in the later stages of pregnancy is sick.

    • ADKresident says:

      I think that was the darkest quote I have ever read on this forum. Sick is an understatement. A Margret Sanger of today clothed in different skin.

  7. Charlie Stehlin says:

    “the consumption of alcohol harms her unborn baby..”
    “the body inside the woman is not her body and has no choice.”

    I don’t disagree with you on this ADKresident, but that’s another whole story. That’s about morals and doing what’s right; it’s about proper education and on and on it’s about so much more….It’s about things which hardly anybody chooses to talk, or even cares, about as we all are just so pre-occupied with one or two items, or ‘small’ things, meanwhile the world is falling apart around us!

    Nobody I know likes the idea of abortion, but at the same time these same people don’t like the idea that the government can tell a woman what she can or cannot do with her body (again….recall the anti-vaccination movement!) It’s a tough one, even for me because I love children, they are the most precious little things, so innocent, so happy, so curious…. (and then they become adults!), but who am I to tell a woman what she can or cannot do with her body. I have no right to do that! Neither do you or anybody else!

    The world’s population hit 8 billion yesterday ADKresident. It’s going to add another billion in an even shorter period of time than it did this last time around! And look at all the problems we’re facing which seemingly are getting worse not better… war, hate, political division, social division, far-right extremism, the family unit breaking apart, pollution, loss of other-than-human species, etc, etc. Children are starving to death, or facing starvation, in parts of the world by the millions. We’re bringing them into the world and then what! We cannot, or do not wish to, afford to feed them, properly educate them, etc.; but yes…let us have an invisible God sway us into thinking we know what’s best for everyone else meanwhile ignore all things else, including the pollution, and continuing degradation of the only home we know planet earth. There’s the threat of nuclear war, there’s increasing poverty and homelessness…… Where’s the money going to come from to properly educate, feed, provide healthcare, etc. for all of the extra millions of babies ADK? We can’t even keep up with all of these things for the population we have now! Nor do we even think about it because we’re so busy with our own measly lives!

    Do you support public money (tax dollars) going into education to enlighten all of these children coming into the world, blacks, whites, reds, yellows….all of them? We complain about our tax dollars going up, up, up… yet we support the very things which make them go up!

    And speaking about hypocrisy! These same political wonks who spew to their narcissistic base their support for aborting Roe V Wade….. these are the same people who have the best healthcare in the world yet at the same time don’t want any of us to have the same. Recall their big push to go against Obamacare versus working with that ex prez on a plan together. They wanted nothing to do with that! Glaringly the true colors of some of our erected officials stand out yet blindness. by design, preserves them.

    There’s so much more where do I begin! How about big tax breaks for the rich! The rich who care so much about the rest of us! Let’s talk about that while we’re at it.

    • ADKresident says:

      I agree with you, Charlie- it’s about morals, which is the root of most of our problems, whether it be abortion, greed, the breakdown of families, etc. . It all boils down to issues of the heart. The difference between you and I, it seems, is you look to the government to provide you with all the solutions to society- I do not. The reality we all live is simply a manifestation of our beliefs. While I do believe in God, it matters not to me that you do not- that is your choice to disbelieve. However, my faith in God gives me hope for the future, as well as the world we all share, therefore, I do not see a gloomy future and I do not believe every doomsday theory being peddled today. (by the very rich, to boot, that do not change their lifestyle in the least)

      You have rightly pointed out a ton of bad fruit, but until we cut out the corrupt root of our entire system, both Left and Right, we will continue to bark at the same tree at each other from both sides, while those who fertilize it’s growth by stoking our division keep filling their pockets with our $, touting empty promises, and laughing at how gullible we are to believe anything they tell us because they have a degree behind their name, $$ or some high level of notoriety. And yet we continue to elect the same people, just because they are blue or red and expect different results. How foolish is that?

      Back to the subject at hand- I do not believe abortion is a solution to anything. That is simply picking a piece of rotten fruit from a tree that’s root system is diseased. Good morals are never outdated- and still needs to be instilled in our kids. Unfortunately, when there are no boundaries, or consequences for our actions, the most innocent are the ones that always end up suffering, and in this case, it’s unborn babies. If we truly valued ourselves, as women, we would have far less demand for abortions. Life needs to become precious again and motherhood celebrated, instead of the twisted portrayal our society is painting it out to be. Surely, we can find another sacrifice to the world’s problems without the shedding of innocent blood.

  8. Charlie Stehlin says:

    Joan Grabe says: “The Supreme Court and the states through the Amendment process have been modifying and tweaking the Constitution since it’s inception”

    > Recall “Bush v. Gore” way back when, when conservative Supreme Court justices, put into power a President whereas they weren’t supposed to do that, the people, or voters, were supposed to do that! And who put those same Supreme Court justices into power? Another Bush! and who are the ones shouting, “The democrats are bringing this country down!” I mean really. Who’s fooling who?

  9. Charlie Stehlin says:

    Marc Wigle says: “Let’s keep killing babies.”

    No! Let us keep killing every ‘thing’ else alive on this planet, let us keep supporting whomever it is whom goes along with our limited views of the world, while trying to convince everyone else that we really do care about unborn babies, yet not the things which might enrich or illuminate them in their future years.

  10. Charlie Stehlin says:

    ADKresident says: “Joan Grabe, You do NOT speak for all women.”

    Yes and we know which side of the fence those women whom she does not speak for are on, which is not the same side the rest of us are on, not that the rest of us really matter anyway!

  11. Charlie Stehlin says:

    ADKresident says: “we are no small number and growing, being there are millions of us. And as a woman, I find abortion to be one of the most repulsive acts on our planet against humanity.”

    I assure you ADK that there is a larger number who do not like that others can tell them what they can or cannot do with their bodies. The results of this last election cycle proved that! How about the horrors of war ADK, which some of these same people who erect themselves on your side of the fence support? How about the murder rate in this country alone? How about young men who walk into elementary schools and shoot up and make a bloody mess of those sweet little adorable children who did nothing wrong? Is that less repulsive than abortion ADK? 

  12. Charlie Stehlin says:

    Joan Grabe says: “I am asking why elected and appointed officials are standing between women and their doctors?”

    I’d wager a year’s pay it has something to do with those very same elected and appointed officials not believing in, or denying, science!

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