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The Place I Live: Edwards

william hill lives in edwards

The place I live is Edwards NY (St. Lawrence County). Though I reside 4 miles out of the Blue Line, it makes no difference. My entire 55 years on earth thus far have been as an Adirondacker. I grew up fishing, trapping, camping, hunting, and just being on the Oswegatchie River. In fact, I live only a five-minute walk from the river.

    I have worked in these forests for many years as a logger. I hike and paddle hundreds of miles in the Adirondack Forests every year. Wool jackets, wooden snowshoes, and pack baskets have been standard gear for as long as I can remember. The rich histories of the woods & water are important to me and have been passed on through the generations. Hiking on trails that once served as logging railroads and paddling waterways that once were choked with timber from the spring log drives is priceless to me. The old camps, from great camps to tar paper shacks are a source of our local heritage. The stories and tales passed down from the previous generation are another piece of the experience. These things have all been passed on to my daughter, who is just as comfortable alone on a mountaintop as in a crowded restaurant.
All of these pieces add up to why I love the place I live, and while I was born here, I chose to stay here. There is plenty to worry about on the horizon, but the forests & rivers will remain. And as long as I’m able, the Adirondack woods and water are where I’ll be.
— William Hill, Edwards NY
william hill lives in edwards
Photos provided by the author
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7 Responses

  1. Dan Way says:

    Great story- it’s such a blessing to know that you live exactly where you want to live and would never want to live anywhere else!

  2. Bob Meyer says:

    Thank you William. Your knowledge and appreciation of North Country and Adirondack heritage is heartening.

  3. Jim Fox says:

    This blurb sounds like someone who has been “Hiking the Trail to Yesterday” – scouring the Adirondacks for tarpaper hunting shacks and grown-over logging railroad beds. Crisp, genuine article, Bill!

  4. Terry says:

    GOOD STUFF …. thank you for sharing!!

  5. Mark Friden says:

    Just knew this would be you, Bill, even before I opened the link and saw the article and accompanying photos! Nic work!

  6. wbb says:

    You should write a book…or maybe two. Good Job.

  7. Greg says:


    Edwards NY is a beautiful place to live and it’s nice to see how much you appreciate & embrace the history and beauty around you. It’s easy to take things for granted.
    I grew up in Massena and although I don’t live there now I get back to the Adirondacks & Saint Lawrence River in the Summer. It’s heaven on earth!

    Greg Boyer

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