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The Place I Live: Lake Ozonia/Hopkinton

onzonia lake sunset
Lake Ozonia in the Town of Hopkinton.
My family built the place back in 1970, and it was a great source of joy for the entire clan for many, many years. The dock faces the summer sunsets and the winter is spectacularly cold and isolated.  I currently live in Brewerton NY. Far too close to the massive Micron facility to be built in the Town of Clay, a facility that will destroy 1200 acres of undeveloped land, create unbelievable issues with traffic and pollution, and based on what I am hearing, drive many nearby residents and long time taxpayers out of the area. Consequently, in a few more years, I may be residing at Lake Ozonia year round to escape this environmental disaster in waiting.

Lake Ozonia has been my place to relax and recharge for my entire life. There is no cell service, which is fantastic. There are only a handful of year round residents, “the Frozen Few” as they call themselves. I love the winters up there, and spend as much time as I can enjoying the crisp, cold air, snowstorms and peaceful nature of the region. It is the place where you can leave lifes “treadmill” behind and relish the the gifts of the great outdoors. Both my parents and my wife are now deceased, the latter at way too young an age. My late wife had never visited the Adirondacks at any length before meeting me, and as a retired model and the owner of a modeling agency, you would never guess that one of her favorite pastimes became fishing, which she had never done before her trips to Lake Ozonia. The wonders of the woods never cease to amaze me.
fall at lake ozonia

Lake Ozonia in Hopkinton, St. Lawrence County. Photos provided by the author

I look forward to reading the reflections of others. These mountains get in your blood and your psyche. It is a  special place, and continues to sustain me through the trials and tribulations that life perpetually grants us the privilege of challenging.
— Rob Bick

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10 Responses

  1. Susan says:

    Lake Ozonia truly is a special place. Hopkinton welcomes you “full time”! Unfortunately, if we are to continue marching forward with technology, it is a better idea to have the microchips manufactured in our own country for many reasons. I realize that no one wants it in their backyard, but it has to land somewhere. I am sure there will be a lot of negatives as a result, but we have to try and look at the positives.

  2. Brian says:

    Yup up here no jobs and when ur done living in it usually have to give it away!!

    • Dean Bianco says:

      Always someone like Brian who hates the Adirondacks and has to bring up the tired excuse of “no jobs” which is a huge exaggeration. Don’t like it here? Move to NYC.

  3. Bob Meyer says:

    This is a particularly beautiful post. Thank you Rob.

  4. Dean Bianco says:

    Always someone like Brian who hates the Adirondacks and has to bring up the tired excuse of “no jobs” which is a huge exaggeration. Don’t like it here? Move to NYC.

  5. Gary Peacock says:

    A few years ago , when I first heard of Lake Ozonia, I immediately made Plans to check it out. I thought the name was so cool. I think I was camping at the town campsite in St Regis Falls at the time. (Another little gem). I remember being SO thankful that there was a public boat launch to kayak from! Wonderful lake! Thank you DEC…or whoever is responsible! Man, I love NYS! Can’t imagine living any other place.

  6. Leon martin says:

    I live about 6 miles from lake ozonia on 458 and cant imagine living anywhere else.if i want to see what city life is like i go to walmart and hurry back home.

  7. Jim says:

    My grandparents, Edward and Helen Monser, had a camp on Ozonia back in the sixties. Unfortunately my grandfather died in a boating accident in 66′ or 67′. My grandmother kept the place for several years and I spent a week there each summer until she had to sell, which would have been early (70’s?). A very special place, and I definitely remember the the authors last name – Bick.

  8. Deborra Andersen says:

    My grandparents owned a camp on Lake Ozonia through the 60’s and 70’s. My grandfather died doing what he loved most, fishing on the lake. Spending summers there was the highlight of my life. When my kids were young we rented our own place one summer and it was magical. No TV (and this was pre-electronics or cell phones) or outside distractions. We played games, swam, read, fished, explored and just talked. Maybe this will be the year we come back!

  9. Thomas Gillan says:

    Really liked Hopkinton/Ozonia, bought a log cabin just a few miles away. I also have land not far from the cabin, bought it many years ago but rarely visited, 58 plus acres. I have time now, avid sportsman & looking to spend much more time in the ADK’s.

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