Thursday, December 29, 2022

A winter walk

Snow covered road

All photos by the author except this one by the author’s wife.

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Randy Fredlund enjoys hiking, paddling, and taking pictures of the area around his camp on Stewarts Landing. He is happiest when breathing Adirondack air.


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  1. Joe Harman says:

    You had a story this week about hiking in the Adirondack Montains that mentioned Bald Rock Trail near Old Forge. On our first date my wife and I hiked Bald Rock. I could not remember her name. I knew there was a registration book on Bald Mountain for hikers to sign before they climed the fire tower. She signed Evy and we climbed the tower. I was saved. That was 61 years ago. We met at Loomises in Eagle Rock where we danced. The town dump was near Loomises. Sometimes on dates we watched the bears scavenging at the Eagle Rock town dump. On one date I cooked a steak on a beach at Long Lake. We want to visit the Adirondacks next year. Maybe climb Bald Rock.
    Joe Harman

  2. Barbara Lou Poppell says:

    I grew up at Pine Lake, and 9 corner was just part of my “ play ground”. It deeply distresses me how the natural beauty has been compromised by the many who use it now as a “party” place!! The history of 9 Corner is amazing and worth looking into. The lumbermen who capsized and drowned are buried in the old cemetery in Caroga Lake. My Mom told me the story as well as when the dam went out. Our family has been in the area since the late 1800’s.
    Good Luck Lake is another place being compromised by the “party” crowd.
    I am 84 yrs. old.

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