Thursday, January 5, 2023

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We’re thrilled to be kicking off 2023 with a bit of good news. Thanks to readers like you who donated to the Adirondack Explorer, we surpassed our goal of $50,000, matched by a challenge from Explorer Board members, and now we’ll be able to give you even more of the reporting you count on. By investing in us, you showed that you value our Adirondack journalism, and we promise not to let you down.

The funding we generated through this special challenge is critical to producing stories that empower our readers with information about the Adirondacks and its communities.

We couldn’t do this work without you.

And, as we begin this new year, we wanted to make sure you are connected to the Explorer in all the ways possible.

First, of course, is to make sure you’re subscribing to the Adirondack Explorer magazine, either in print or digitally.

We now have five weekly email newsletters in addition to the daily Adirondack Almanack email. The current slate of newsletters and schedules are:

  • Mondays: Adirondack Report: Environmental policy updates and how they’re being enacted, by reporter Gwen Craig.

  • Tuesdays: Water Line: Keep up with water quality issues with reporter Zachary Matson.

  • Wednesdays: Adk News Briefing: A look at the week’s top stories with digital editor Melissa Hart.

  • Thursdays: Backcountry Journal: Outdoor trips and inspiration from multimedia reporter Mike Lynch.

  • Fridays: Climate Matters: Keeping up with our changing environment with climate reporter Chloe Bennett.

  • Daily: Adirondack Almanack: Updates, announcements and commentary from our community forum the Adirondack Almanack.

Feel free to add/change your newsletter subscriptions as you see fit by going to our newsletter sign up page. You can also connect with us on social media — FacebookTwitter and Instagram for the Explorer, as well as the Almanack’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

We have a lot planned for 2023, and we’re just getting started! Thank you again.

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Tracy Ormsbee is the publisher of the Adirondack Explorer. When she’s not working – and it’s not black fly season – you can find her outdoors hiking, running, paddle boarding or reading a book on an Adirondack chair somewhere.

2 Responses

  1. JB says:

    As someone who doesn’t own a smartphone and prefers digital over paper, the proprietary app becomes a big barrier in keeping up to date with the magazine. Being able to read the actual magazine in a web browser (either in something PDF-based or even just a browser interface like Issuu) would be huge.

  2. Joe Harman says:

    My wife and I met in the Adirondacks 61 years ago. I was a counselor of swimming and hiking at Adirondack Woodcraft Camps in Old Forge. She was a waitress at Moss Lake Camp near Inlet. The popular gatherhering place for young people was Loomises in Eagle Rock where we met. On our first date I could not remember her name, so to solve my problem, I suggested we climb Bald Rock. I knew there was a registration ledger for visitors to sign at the base of the fire tower on Bald rock. I noticed how easily she made the climb up Bald Rock. We signed the registry and my day had been saved. We danced and socialized at Loomises. She was at Moss Lake Camp with friends from her college in Virginia. I was teaching in Ann Arbor, Michigan. On other dates we watched the bears scavenging at the Eagle Rock town dump. I cooked a steak we shared on a beach at Long Lake. We sent our son to Adirondack Woodcraft Camps. The owner of Adirondack Woodcraft Camps grew up in NYC. He wanted to go to Syracuse University. To save money he walked from NYC to Syracuse University. We met in July and got married in September 61 years ago. Next summer we want to return to the Adirondacks, maybe stay at Hedges where we stayed about ten years ago.

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