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Tales of the Adirondacks, Past & Present: Winning the Olympic Gold Medal by Charity Marlatt

Bobsledders Alan Washbond and Ivan Brown at the 1936 Olympics.

In the spirit of sharing informational, intriguing, and inspiring stories to help highlight the rich social and cultural history of New York State’s Adirondack Mountains, The Adirondack Almanack will share stories written by those who live, work, and play in the ADK, courtesy of OurStoryBridge/Freedom Story Project. These stories, which will be a combination of current and past events, people, outdoor activities and more, will be published on a weekly basis, starting with today’s first story titled, Winning the Olympic Gold Medal by Charity Marlatt. The stories will focus on various locations situated in the Adirondack region, including the High Peaks, the town of Keene, and many other areas around the Park. Stories are compartmentalized into the following categories, arts & culture, catastrophes, work, people, outdoor activities, daily life, community, and natural & man-made environments. 


Listen to Winning the Olympic Gold Medal by Charity Marlatt from Adirondack Community in the town of Keene to hear the story about how Charity’s father won a Gold Medal in bobsled at the 1936 Olympics.

Visit the link below to listen to Story #1 in our weekly sharing series:

Alan and Lucile Washbond with their children Bud and Vivian.

Alan and Lucile Washbond with their children Bud and Vivian. Photo courtesy of OurStoryBridge, Inc.

The Ivory Pig.

The Ivory Pig. Photo courtesy of OurStoryBridge, Inc.

Visit to hear more.

Those who wish to contribute to OurStoryBridge, Inc. can find more information on how to share a story of their own and create their own OurStoryBridge by utilizing tool kits at the link here.

About OurStoryBridge, Inc.:

OurStoryBridge is a national project, led by a team of volunteers and implemented at the grassroots level by local libraries, historical societies, museums, and issue oriented organizations, that supports the creation of three- to five-minute, locally created audio stories with related photographs, as well as their online accessibility, by posting them on a website that appeals to both young and old and can be produced at low cost.

Photo provided by Martha Swan, Founder and Executive Director, John Brown Lives!


As a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit, OurStoryBridge Inc.’s mission is threefold:

  • To be a resource and tool kit for OurStoryBridge projects that preserve and circulate local audio stories past and present through accessible online media;
  • To promote, build, and assist with the deployment of these resources in communities across geographic, cultural, socioeconomic, racial, and organizational strata; and
  • To help strengthen these communities through sharing of their stories, including preserving the stories of older generations before they are lost and encouraging younger generations to become engaged community members.


OurStoryBridge empowers every community to cultivate connection across the generations, encourage civic engagement, celebrate diversity, and engender shared and durable kindness.

We encourage you to lean on our experiences and resources to get you started, as communities and organizations across the country have, and then to innovate on and intuit the process that best fits your needs. We would love to hear back about what worked for you, so we can share it with future OurStoryBridge adopters.

Banner announcing Adirondack Community with staff. Photo provided by Jery Y. Huntley.

About Adirondack Community:

Sponsored by the Keene Valley Library, Adirondack Community is a multi-year local history project that collects and organizes audio stories and related photographs from town of Keene community members through this online platform to share our rich social and cultural history in New York State’s Adirondack Mountains.

Story Credit: Courtesy of OurStoryBridge, Inc. to find more stories. 

Photo at top: Bobsledders Alan Washbond and Ivan Brown at the 1936 Olympics. Photo courtesy of OurStoryBridge, Inc.



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