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Tales of the Adirondacks, Past & Present: Rescue on Mt. Jo by Maggie Newell

Rescue team assists injured Mt. Jo hiker

Our next OurStoryBridge, Inc. story share features Maggie Newell from ADK Voices. Newell recounts her story titled “Rescue on Mt. Jo” which details how a teen trail crew completed a bridge in order to do their part to assist an emergency crew rescue an injured hiker. To listen to “Rescue on Mt. Jo” in its entirety, please visit this link:

The Adirondack Almanack will share stories written by those who live, work, and play in the ADK, courtesy of OurStoryBridge, Inc. These stories, which will be a combination of current and past events, people, outdoor activities and more, will be published on a weekly basis. The stories will focus on various locations situated in the Adirondack region, including the High Peaks, the town of Keene, and many other areas around the Park. Stories are compartmentalized into the following categories, arts & culture, catastrophes, work, people, outdoor activities, daily life, community, and natural & man-made environments.

NYS Forest Ranger police patch

NYS Forest Ranger Police patch. Photo courtesy of OurStoryBridge,Inc./ADK Voices.

Rescue team assists injured Mt. Jo hiker

The scene of the Mt. Jo rescue. Photo courtesy of OurStoryBridge,Inc./ADK Voices.

Visit to hear more stories from around the Adirondacks. Check out to hear more stories from ADK Voices.

Those who wish to contribute to OurStoryBridge, Inc. can find more information on how to share a story of their own and create their own OurStoryBridge by utilizing tool kits at the link here.

Photo provided by Martha Swan, Founder and Executive Director, John Brown Lives!

About OurStoryBridge, Inc.:

OurStoryBridge is a national project, led by a team of volunteers and implemented at the grassroots level by local libraries, historical societies, museums, and issue oriented organizations, that supports the creation of three- to five-minute, locally created audio stories with related photographs, as well as their online accessibility, by posting them on a website that appeals to both young and old and can be produced at low cost.


About ADK Voices:

ADK Voices captures brief oral histories with photographs from ADK chapter members whose perspectives and experiences we collect and share with you here. Our stories are about ADK history, conservation, ADK events, nature, ADK staff and volunteers, outings, chapter projects, and people, over the last 100 years and into our future.


Story #8 of our sharing series: Story Credit to OurStoryBridge, Inc./ADK Voices.

Photo at top: Rescue team assists injured Mt. Jo hiker. Photo courtesy of OurStoryBridge,Inc./ADK Voices.

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