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ADK Park: Environmental Conservation Police News

Motorcycle Crash – Hamilton County

On May 29, ECO Newell and Trooper Nauroth responded to reports of a motorcycle accident south of Speculator. The Officers found the victim had incurred severe trauma to one of her legs, including lacerations and compound fractures. Officers Newell and Nauroth administered first aid while coordinating with Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch for EMS response and LifeNet Helicopter services.


Wells EMS and ambulance service, GAVAC, arrived on scene and transported the subject to Speculator. DEC Forest Ranger Snye, along with the Speculator Fire Department and Hamilton County Deputies, created a landing zone for the LifeNet helicopter while also assisting with a brush fire that began across the street from the landing zone. The coordination between agencies led to expedient medical care and transportation of the subject from Speculator to Albany Medical Center.

Serious motorcycle accident leads to multi-agency response in Hamilton County

Serious motorcycle accident leads to multi-agency response in Hamilton County. NYS DEC photo.

Live Rattlesnake Handling – Warren County

On June 5, ECOs, DEC Forest Rangers, and other agency employees took part in a live rattlesnake handling training in Bolton Landing. Research Biologist Brown and Research Associate Simon provided background and biology of the timber rattlesnake, a threatened species in New York State. Brown and Simon presented the group with a live rattlesnake and demonstrated proper techniques to handle and capture it. Participants were then provided the opportunity to handle the rattlesnake. As ECO Dewey was leaving the training, he coincidentally received a call from DEC Dispatch requesting Officer response to a nuisance timber rattlesnake in the town of Hague. The Officer arrived on scene and, utilizing skills from the training, successfully captured the snake. The snake was released back into its natural habitat later that day.


ECO Dewey successfully captures timber rattlesnake hours after snake-handling training

ECO Dewey successfully captures timber rattlesnake hours after snake-handling training. NYS DEC photo.

ECO Leubner handling a rattlesnake during training exercise in Bolton Landing

ECO Leubner handling a rattlesnake during a training exercise in Bolton Landing. NYS DEC photo.


To contact an ECO to report an environmental crime or to report an incident, call 1-844-DEC-ECOS for 24-hour dispatch or email (for non-urgent violations).

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Information attributed to NYSDEC is taken from press releases and news announcements from New York State's Department of Environmental Conservation.

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  1. Betty Lou Bennett says:

    We can save the rattlesnake but we can’t save Raquette Lake from the Battery Energy Storage System from being installed on a hill above the lake and village. Let alone trapping many residence and little girls at the Raquette Lake Girls Camp, and possibly polluting the lake with chemicals.
    Where are you DEC????

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