Thursday, June 22, 2023

DEC Seeks Public’s Assistance with Investigation of Injury to Herkimer County Goose

Injured Canada Goose in Old Forge.

Goose Shot with Bow and Arrow on Old Forge Pond

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is asking the public for information regarding a Canada Goose found with an arrow protruding from its back on Old Forge Pond, Herkimer County. Environmental Conservation Police Officers (ECOs) have received several reports from local residents and assessed the health of the goose, finding it capable of flight and swimming. Attempts to capture the goose for care have been unsuccessful. The investigation is ongoing. ECOs will continue to monitor the goose and attempt to capture it.

Anyone with information that could help DEC identify the individual who shot the goose should contact DEC’s 24/7 Dispatch Center 1-844-DEC-ECOS (844-332-3267) and referencing case 23-013802.


Photo at top: Injured Canada Goose in Old Forge. Photo courtesy of Tanya Field.

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Information attributed to NYSDEC is taken from press releases and news announcements from New York State's Department of Environmental Conservation.

17 Responses

  1. Monica Robert says:

    People have no conscious so very sad.. this animal suffers.. when whoever did this should of had their ass beat long ago.

  2. Chris Cohan says:

    Too many geese. A TRUE NUISANCE. Time to cull the gaggle.

    • Worth Gretter says:

      You are absolutely right. I have a lot of sympathy for endangered critters, but none for geese.

      • JohnL says:

        This is a little sad, but having said that, I don’t have much sympathy for Canada geese either. There’s way too many of them, they make a gigantic mess of things, and they need to be thinned out by whatever humane means are available. BTW, NYS has extra hunting seasons in September for most of the state that allows for shooting 15 geese per day per person. Further, they don’t require that you plug your gun to 3 shots. You may have a full magazine of shells, up to 6. So, it looks like NYS DEC really wants to get rid of some geese too, especially the ones that live here, i.e. aren’t just passing through during the annual migration.

  3. Charlie Stehlin says:

    Isn’t that a purty sight! Just another item to remind us of how diseased human/American society is. This is a result and/or extension of the wars we support, of our crimes against nature, of our twisted values, of our propensity towards all things money, plastic, Hollywood, false Gods……. If there’s no seeing value in a bee, or a butterfly, or a tree, or whatnot…. pick your genus, then what should we expect what with little boys and girls getting shot up in a school! A goose getting pierced with an arrow!

    There’s no shocking us anymore! We’re becoming increasingly resistant to this disease we call human society which oftentimes either denies, or accepts, the most offensive events which continually take shape around us. Not ‘we’ as in all of us, deny or accept, ‘we’ as in the unenlightened around us which are quite a large sum unfortunately! Things occur too often due to our allowance of irrespective other things, subtle or intense though that irrespective inclination may be, over spans of time. I see this!

    Thanks for the image of this hapless goose! It is good to be reminded of how sick we are! If we get to a low-enough point, just maybe (?), eventually, we’ll get to such a place so as to initiate that transformation the religionist keep praying for but has yet to arrive….that supposed paradise. Maybe if we start looking at ourselves, versus invisible Gods, the answers just might come!

    “Of what avail is an open eye, if the heart is blind?” Solomon Ibn-Gabirol
    From: The Earth Speaks Steve Van Matre & Bill Weiler 1983

    “A man’s heart away from nature becomes hard; lack of respect for growing, living things soon leads to a lack of respect for humans too.” Standing Bear

  4. Charlie Stehlin says:

    JohnL says: “This is a little sad, but having said that, I don’t have much sympathy for Canada geese either.”

    Shocker coming from you JohnL!

  5. Charlie Stehlin says:

    Chris Cohan says: “Too many geese. A TRUE NUISANCE. Time to cull the gaggle.”

    Your mindset is truly part of the woes society faces Chris Cohen which, doubtfully, you will ever come to realize!

  6. Charlie Stehlin says:

    Worth Gretter says: “You are absolutely right. I have a lot of sympathy for endangered critters, but none for geese.”

    Isn’t it peculiar the characteristics that distinguish one from another! Take me per mere example. When I see, or hear, geese as they are flying over, it just tickles me pink, it is some of the most pleasing music to my ears, or marvel to my eyes. Certain sounds never fail to induce in me days of yore, the honks and sight of geese being a prime example. Whenever I hear geese, what immediately comes over me, and never fails to do so, are my youthful days camping way back in the Moose River Plains which go back to the early 70s. My mom and dad took us kids up from Long Island to that haven to camp two weeks out of the year every fall about the third week in September. Those are some of the most memorable days of my long life. Back then we heard and saw geese in large numbers fly over that wilderness, nonstop; during daylight hours, and while we lie awake in our tents at night, they passed over, the whole two weeks we were back in there. We don’t get that anymore, those goose sounds and sights extensive as they were back then…. another thing of the past.

    Peculiar how the mind works, how one will see black another white; how one will hear music another noise…… We have become inured to so much anymore, or some of us have anyway, such as is the case with JohnL and Worth Gretter… two mere examples. Which does not imply me suggesting they are bad people, I am not; just that there are deficiencies in others in ways conducive to my visionary perspective of what a haven this world could be if we all saw eye to eye. Surely they could say the same of me. What is sacred to one means nothing to another is what it boils down to!

    It don’t take much to get a feel of who somebody truly is, good, bad, or indifferent; what is through and through representative of them. There’s more to what appears on the outside, what is uttered, written, preached…. there’s what is hidden beneath the shell also.

    • JohnL says:

      JohnL and Worth Gretter. ‘two mere examples’. Wow, now I’m a ‘mere example’. Disappointing as I’ve been working very hard to be a 1st CLASS example.

      ‘Just that there are deficiencies in others (JohnL & Worth) in ways conducive to my (CharlieS’s) VISIONARY perspective of what a haven this world could be if we all saw eye to eye’ (CS’s visionary way).
      Charlie, you never diappoint.

  7. chris cohan says:

    Ah, you are one of bold folks when typing. First, if you read my reply, my name is Cohan. Nope, I disagree that I am not truly part of society woes. Overpopulation of geese, especially non-migratory have negative impacts on the environment and human use of open spaces which concern me. However, it appears you are AOK with that.

  8. Charlie Stehlin says:

    “Overpopulation of geese, especially non-migratory have negative impacts on the environment ..”

    I’ don’t agree with what you say chris cohan, It’s a crock! It’s laughable! Those geese that you evidently have disdain for, surely have ancestral ties to this land America dating back to way before your kin set foot upon these shores, even if you can prove that dates back to the 1600s! Surely they do….the geese, ancestral ties! Overpopulation of geese you say! Where are they all if they’re so abundant? Where are their abodes, their ruins, their graves? Where is all of the pollution they produce if there are so many of them….besides their droppings we complain about over a landscape which was once a field, or fields…. but is now a monotonous human wasteland, a concrete jungle, a Walmart, a drug store, a gas station, a mall! And why all of the contempt when all’s they’re doing is what comes natural to them….looking for food and water (hopefully clean), nourishment to sustain themselves, their younglings! A field, which, by the way, we have taken away from them, and which we continue to do ad infinitum, so as to construct another tax haven, to keep economy going!

    The presence of geese is not near the inundation of humankind which is so prevalent all around us chris, and no matter how much droppings, or waste’ geese leave behind, it is not near the quantity the crazy ape man leaves behind!

  9. Boreas says:

    Funny how people find obtuse ways to support their agendas. To me, I see an animal with an arrow needlessly stuck in it – and yes, animals do feel pain! Even if you have issues with overpopulated animals, it still is barbaric to injure/torture them. Shame on the perpetrator.

    • JohnL says:

      You’re right. Actually my very 1st thought was that I felt sorry for the ‘animal’ with an arrow in it. I, and most people I hope, don’t like to see ANY animal needlessly in pain. Even hunters, like myself, don’t like to see an animal like this. I also like to think that whoever did this, did not intend for it to end up like this.
      Only after I thought about all that did I think about, and comment on, the bigger picture with geese and the issues they raise with their overpopulation. I do still feel very strongly as I stated about the goose overpopulation situation, but, as you said, I could have balanced out my comments a little better.

  10. chris cohan says:

    I agree that arrow in goose is foul insensitive and cruel.
    I still support a massive reduction of non-migratory geese PDQ. Simply out of balance and a negative impact on environment.

    How about NYS switching from charging for a hunting license V to paying hunters a bounty for geese shot. Try for say a TEMPORARY TRIAL 2 year period to see how it plays out/ goose population is reduced.

  11. Charlie Stehlin says:


  12. Boreas says:

    Many game species are indeed out of balance. How long ago was it taxpayers and federal/state hunting funds were being used to buy and/or improve habitat for geese, waterfowl, and deer – as well as other game. Wildlife Management Areas are fairly commonplace now. Unfortunately, the habitat was only used to encourage target (pun intended?) species to breed but did not look too closely at encouraging their natural predators to help control the population. This not only led to increased numbers, but less natural fear in many species. Is it any wonder deer and geese act as pets wandering around our yards and parks? I feel wild animals should be WILD. I personally believe the key to unbalanced population dynamics is the lack of natural predators.

  13. ben says:

    Well you think there are too many geese or not, the person who did this should be caught & have an arrow shot thru his/her ass & let them walk around with it sticking out for a bit. After having that for a while, someone should grab the end of the arrow & give it a slow painfull tug out!

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