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Lake George Association’s inaugural Lake Protector Summit set for June 22

Lake GeorgeLake George, NY – Everyone who cares about Lake George is invited to learn how to participate in protecting the lake from worsening threats, including harmful algal blooms (HABs), at the
Lake George Association’s inaugural Lake Protector Summit on Thursday, June 22, from 8:30 to 11 a.m. at the Fort William Henry Hotel and Conference Center in Lake George Village.
Registration for this free event is now open at

Entitled “Our Lake – Our Future,” the Summit will focus on why the greater Lake George community must now mobilize through direct action, with a particular emphasis on the role residential and commercial property owners can play in protecting the lake. By taking informed actions on their land, property owners anywhere within the 233-square-mile Basin, not just those on the waterfront, can play a vital role in stopping declines to Lake George water quality.


“Every developed property in the Lake George Basin contributes in some way to the inflow of nutrients like phosphorous and nitrogen that feed algae growth in the lake and raise the risk of harmful algal blooms,” said LGA President Eric Siy. “This engaging and educational Summit will provide an opportunity for people to learn about the importance of individual actions in protecting the health of Lake George and help them adopt best practices for stormwater management, septic systems, and reducing the risk of HABs.”


The LGA Lake Protector Summit is intended to connect the people and resources required for lasting lake protection. The event will encourage a productive exchange of ideas, questions, and concerns among all participants—residents, businesses, government officials, scientists, economic experts, landscapers, excavators, banks, realtors, and more.


Main topics to be covered at the Summit include:
• The dangers posed to the lake by stormwater runoff and aging and failing septic systems, and how they contribute to algae growth and the threat of harmful algal blooms;
• The proven correlations between water quality and property values as well as business revenues;
• How properties in the watershed may be contributing to the Lake’s water-quality challenges based on eight key physical features; and
• How property owners can mitigate water-quality impacts through improvements to stormwater and wastewater management, along with how the LGA and its team of lake protection experts will help.


“The LGA Lake Protector Summit will provide residents with the knowledge and tools to enact changes that will benefit Lake George for decades to come,” said LGA Managing Program Director Monika LaPlante. “Climate change and local development are accelerating the impairment of the Lake, threatening all we hold dear and depend on for the future. By acting now, we can slow these stressors and preserve this invaluable resource for future generations. The Lake can’t wait, so we encourage everyone who is ready to learn and take action to join us on June 22.”

The LGA Lake Protector Summit follows the recent launch of the LGA Lake Protector Profile program, a first-of-its-kind web-based app that provides property owners with a detailed description of their property’s physical characteristics and how they may be impacting Lake George. Curated Profiles also include specific, science-based recommendations that can be implemented to help protect water quality. Property owners can register for their free Profile at Non-property owners can also register and receive more general guidance on actions they can take to protect the Lake.


The Lake George Association is the preeminent Lake-protection organization, providing technical and financial assistance to property owners; world-class research and direct protection programs through The Jefferson Project, the Lake George Waterkeeper, and an array of public-private partnerships; public education programs; and public policy advocacy, all with the goal of protecting the Lake’s water quality today and for the future.


For more information or to obtain an LGA Lake Protector Profile, please visit


Photo at top: Lake George South from Record Hill/Anthony’ s Nose. Photo courtesy of Carl Heilman II.

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