Monday, June 26, 2023

Middle Saranac 1

middle saranac lake lean-to

Three generations ago, there was “Middle Saranac 1.”

A Middle Saranac Lake lean-to look-back collection of memories, artifacts, legends and photos.

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A veteran north country writer & story teller raised in Saranac Lake, Dick enjoys “Living in the Day I Am In”, and then writing about it. A severely speech impaired 3x cancer survivor, his pen is his voice. He shares many of his Adirondack Outlaw adventures & tales here. Read the rest on his blog @

6 Responses

  1. jj says:

    thank you for the wonderful story!

  2. Mark says:

    My favorite lake, and my favorite lean-to!

    • Ditto Mark! In fact, our family is in camp as we speak. Headed back in there today after making a trip out to get the tools to triage a deep, ugly graffiti scar recently gouged into the deacon’s log over Memorial Day weekend by someone who apparently calls themselves “DAVIES”. Look for the details in a new piece I just submitted to Melissa; “Scarred Cedar Logs”. Have a great summer!

  3. Alan Jones says:

    Thanks, Dick,

    I enjoyed your story because I was born in 1937 and, some years ago, my wife and I stayed at the Bull Rush Bay Lean-to. We have also visited the Martha Ruben Lean-to and read the plaque on the tree. Sorry to hear it is not there anymore. After visiting the lean-to, I read her book. Quite a story.

    • Thank you, Alan. I keep a copy of Martha Reben’s “The Healing Woods” on the end table next to the recliner in my den. I feel a kindred spirit bond with her journey. We both found our healing Zen on those woods & waters and wrote about it.

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