Monday, July 10, 2023

Left-Handed Fish


man with fish
 Show of hands- Who’s ready to go fishing? For a tally of how the fish voted, click the link & read on:

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A veteran north country writer & story teller raised in Saranac Lake, Dick enjoys “Living in the Day I Am In”, and then writing about it. A severely speech impaired 3x cancer survivor, his pen is his voice. He shares many of his Adirondack Outlaw adventures & tales here. Read the rest on his blog @

5 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    I know each of those spots! My favorite lake, and my favorite lean-to.

    • Bass fishing’s been pretty good the past couple of weeks in there Mark. Which surprised me a bit, because the water to me seemed abnormally warm. Good mix of smallmouth and largemouth bass action though. Headed back in later this month to give it another try, maybe spend a little more time focused on catching a big northern. Good luck out there, maybe we’ll bump into each other at some point.

      • Mark says:

        Planning a trip in later part of August. I’ll certainly eyeball the lean-to when I’m up there, if I make it.

  2. Bob Meyer says:

    Dick, on a “scale” of 1 to 10, this fish story takes the bait! 😏
    Now, at least I know why I lost the big one last week in our little Adirondack lake.. I fished it righty. 🤣

    • Ha! Thank you, Bob. But I thought drummers like us were all born ambidextrous. For myself, I like tapping out a little drum beat on the side of the boat with one hand while I fish. It keeps my righthanded side occupied, relaxes the fish and calls in all the big ‘uns. I suggest trying that. Let me know how it works!

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