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Siena Poll: Cost of Living in New York Is Top Issue for Albany to Address


More than eight in ten voters say that the cost of living in New York is a major problem – including at least 80% of Democrats, Republicans and independents – and 27%, a plurality, say it is the most important issue that the Governor and Legislature should be working on now. Crime, the recent influx of migrants and the availability of affordable housing are the next three most important issues for New Yorkers. Fifty-seven percent say the quality of life in the state is getting worse, while 27% say it’s staying the same and 14% say it’s getting better, according to a new Siena College poll of registered New York State voters released today.

A plurality of voters, 34%, say neither President Joe Biden nor former President Donald Trump is fit to serve a four-year term as the nation’s next President, while 28% think Trump is fit but not Biden, 26% say Biden is and Trump isn’t, and 9% say both are fit. Voters say, 55-39%, Trump should not be allowed to run for President based on his indictments, and by 46-40%, voters support the House opening an impeachment inquiry into Biden.

“In assessing the severity of problems facing New York, there is, surprisingly, considerable agreement among Democrats, Republicans and independents,” said Siena College pollster Steven Greenberg. “At least 80% of each partisan group thinks the cost of living in the state is a major problem. At least 71% of each say affordable housing is a major problem, as do at least 64% of each about crime, and at least 51% of each about the migrant influx.

“With many voters seeing multiple major problems facing the state, Siena asked voters to pick the single most important issue they want Hochul and legislators to address. With 27% – including more than one-third of independents – the cost of living in the state rose to the top, but not far behind were crime, 19%, the migrant influx, 18%, and affordable housing, 17%,” Greenberg said. “Those top four issues were also the top four for Republicans, Democrats and independents, though in different orders.

“For Republicans, addressing the migrant issue is the most important issue – even bigger than cost of living. For Democrats, availability of affordable housing is virtually tied with cost of living as the top issue,” Greenberg said.

Top findings include:

  • 57% Say Quality of Life in NYS is Getting Worse; Only 14% Getting Better
  • Six in Ten Voters Say Biden Not Fit to Serve 4-Year Term as Next President; Six in Ten Voters Say Trump Not Fit; Plurality of 34% Says Both Are Unfit
  • Majority Says Trump Should Not Be Allowed to Run Because of His Indictments; Plurality Supports House of Representatives Opening Biden Impeachment Inquiry

The full poll overview and results can be found here.


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22 Responses

  1. George B Penrose says:

    OMG. 14% think things are getting better? Is this a statistical error?

  2. ADKresident says:

    Everyone w/half a working brain cell could’ve predicted this downward spiral and saw it coming years ago. (Everyone, except ALL the corporate-owned, propagandized media outlets that broadcast otherwise, that is.)

  3. Paul says:

    Not be allowed to run because of indictments? That’s nuts. I don’t like the guy at all but you are still innocent (I think?) in this country until you are proven guilty? Otherwise the DA’s office could control the elections…

    • Steve B. says:

      Begs the question what action would Trump take should he be elected, but convicted subsequently. His track record would be he would take office and potentially and possibly illegally pardon himself. If he is convicted in NY or Georgia, he cannot pardon himself. Would it be ethical to pardon himself ?. The ethical thing and the right thing to do for America is not run till his legal status is settled. He has not shown to date that he has the ethics to do that.

      • Paul says:

        Yes, that all may be true. But not allowing him the choice would be unethical (and illegal unless you change the law to fit what you want to accomplish) as well.

        • JohnL says:

          In a discussion about todays inflation and high cost of living, why is 45 even being mentioned? This inflation is all on 46. Now, if you want to talk about how to COME OUT of this inflationary period, 45 would be the obvious choice.

          • Ryan M says:

            JohnL I would counter that inflation in the US does not fall on any one individual in particular, 45 or 46.

            Inflation is a global issue, a result of complex supply chains and interdependencies that were either broken or are being severely tested by a global pandemic, severe weather events, and a war of aggression in Europe.

            46 and Democrats have actually done a tremendous job of implementing policies (American Rescue Plan, Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, CHIPS and Science Act, and the Inflation Reduction Act) that have brought down inflation significantly in the US, whereas countries in the EU and globally continue to struggle. These are some of the most transformative policies in American history. They have resulted in tangible benefits to Americans and would arguably be even more effective had they not been whittled down by Republican lawmakers.

            46 and Democrats are actually working to govern and support all Americans – what exactly was accomplished by 45? If I recall correctly, it was the usual GOP agenda of tax cuts, trickle down economics (which has never worked), and culture war battles.

    • Dana says:

      Numerous unrelated indictments and lost civil cases, two impeachments, a chronic liar and misogynist, and an admiration for dictators should be warning signs to any major party. Never mind the candidate – what does it say about the GOP and its future path? Is this what the GOP is about – winning the race only to lose the country and our ideals? Sorry, I can’t get my head around it. I will be very surprised if at least one new party isn’t spawned from the swamp.

    • ADKresident2 says:

      It’s not nuts, the 14th Amendment of the Constitution actually speaks to this and seems to plainly say that one who has engaged in insurrection is barred from holding public office. Trump could run but be disqualified from serving.

      • Steve B. says:

        This may be the case, but a legal process needs to take place to determine if he actually engaged in insurrection. That has not happened as yet and until it does he is free to run for president .

  4. wash wild says:

    Adirondack implications: It may be true that the forest preserve is free and belongs to all of us but if you’re working three jobs just to make ends meet that’s irrelevant. We have a socio-economic system where quality of life for many is being sacrificed to provide heaven-on-earth for a few – the 14% who say life is getting better. Life was also pretty good for pre-Civil War plantation owners in the South but we know what that economic model was based on. I love hiking and paddling in the Park but working seven days a week to pay my taxes doesn’t leave much time for things like that. Not in New York’s neo-slavery tax environment.

    • Dana says:

      Agree. I am still waiting most of my life for wealth to “trickle down” from the ruling class. I only see wealth going one way – another Gilded Age. NYS is no exception.

  5. Mike says:

    Cost of living is a problem for most of the country, not just in NYS. A big part of the problem is large coporatons taking advantage of us through Greed-flation. Look no further than the big oil companies recent claims of RECORD PROFITS while the price at the pump rose. And the banks are also a big part of the problem.

  6. Bill Keller says:

    The share of American national income controlled by the country’s top 10 percent of earners stood at 47 percent in the U.S. and Canada last year, compared with 46 percent for Russia. Europe’s share of income held by its top 10 percent of earners stood at 37 percent, by comparison. Still wondering why every thing has gotten worse in the last few decades .In the early 1960s, the top 1 percent of households in terms of net worth held 125 times the median wealth in the United States. Today, that gap has grown to 190 times. Who pays for the elected officials campaigns, the wealthy corporations. Nothing will change unless the bribery stops.

  7. JohnL says:

    This is an article about the cost of living, not Donald Trump. It’s in the title of the article! Having said that, Democrats have had a trifecta AND triplex of control of control in New York State for many years. At the National level, in 2021 and 2022, Democrats had the Presidency, the Senate, and the House. So, stop talking about Trump and concentrate on the real reasons we have such high inflation and cost of living. High taxes, Green policies, including just giving away the power we had with our energy production, massive ILLEGAL immigration, massive spending by the gummint, this stupid war in Ukraine, etc etc. Now, get back on topic please. Thank you for your attention.

  8. louis curth says:

    JohnL says “Now, get back on topic please.” Sorry to disagree, but I would suggest that the most important accomplishment of Explorer/Almanack is that it offers all, whose love of the Adirondacks would top any Siena Poll, a trustworthy site. A place to learn and to share our stories, our life experiences and our fact-based knowledge wherever those topics may lead us.

    So rather than restricting topics, let’s create a “marketplace of ideas”. Let this site expand our worldview-not narrow it, Let readers challenge the veracity of our opinions, as a healthy democracy should,

    Let’s make the effort to try to find common ground that can help us preserve the best attributes of our Adirondack region. It is the least that we can do for our young people of future generations – the inheritors of this wonderful Adirondack treasure.

    • JohnL says:

      I said ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about restricting topics on this site. I simply said that since this PARTICULAR article is entitled “Siena Poll: Cost of Living in New York Is Top Issue for Albany to Address”, why not discuss the subject of THIS PARTICULAR article. It (cost of living) is an exremely important issue for Americans in general, and New Yorkers in particular, and really does needs to be discussed openly.
      It would appear that Mr Curth doth ‘protest too much’.

  9. louis curth says:

    My comment was offered as an appeal rather than a protest and I stand by it.

    “It is an old axiom, and well said, that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.
    Margaret Wolfe Hungerford (née Hamilton) 1878

  10. Paul says:

    If the cost of living is the top issue why does the legislature have so much other stuff that is not that related to the economy on their docket instead. Then people will just vote them back into office. I am not sure people are being honest in these polls these days. Look at what has happened with other polls. Hillary was going to win the 2016 election in a landslide right?

    So I would suggest starting a discussion here on whether or not these are even accurate.

  11. Todd Eastman says:

    The cost of living anywhere in rural America is a struggle for most Americans. This is not only an issue in NYS or within the Blue Line.

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