Friday, October 6, 2023

Larceny on the Lake

A beautiful September fall weekend, a special military/veteran’s duck hunt, quiet time to myself on my favorite lake…what could possibly go wrong?

Click the link & read on to find out:













Photo provided by Dick Monroe.


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A veteran north country writer & story teller raised in Saranac Lake, Dick enjoys “Living in the Day I Am In”, and then writing about it. A severely speech impaired 3x cancer survivor, his pen is his voice. He shares many of his Adirondack Outlaw adventures & tales here. Read the rest on his blog @

3 Responses

  1. Awesome day, no matter what!

  2. Thank you, Chip, for reading & commenting. Yes, every day we are able to enjoy life afield is an awesome one. For me personally, that’s especially true of those precious moments of solitude on my favorite lake. It may not (and intentionally so, the daily details are not socially shareable) always come through in my writing, but as a 3x cancer survivor also diagnosed with MS, every day is a challenge. I work extremely hard to overcome life’s daily obstacles, create moments, and make the most of them. Thank you to Melissa Hart & the folks at the Almanack for allowing me to share some of them here on their platform with their readers. It helps keep me connected with what was once “normal” life in a way I suspect that only survivors can truly appreciate. It means more to me than anyone can know, and for which I am deeply grateful. Good luck & to all the hunters enjoying time afield this season. Stay safe out there & be smarter than me! Don’t go trying to swap out gun barrels while Zen Boat mounted, and beware of Otters, they will steal your lunch money if you let them!

  3. Mark says:

    Great read.

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