Monday, October 30, 2023

Locked Up

construction being done on an Adirondack lake

Locked Up

For an on site October update on the DECs Saranac Lake Upper Locks construction project, click the link & read on.


Photo provided by Dick Monroe.


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A veteran north country writer & story teller raised in Saranac Lake, Dick enjoys “Living in the Day I Am In”, and then writing about it. A severely speech impaired 3x cancer survivor, his pen is his voice. He shares many of his Adirondack Outlaw adventures & tales here. Read the rest on his blog @

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  1. Charles R Conkling says:

    Just to let you know Mr, Monroe, the sign for the bellverdere restaurant that you were standing next to and the access to the bicycle ramp to go to the restaurant isn’t there anymore, in the infinite of the dec and the planners of the rail trail only certain people and businesses get access to the trail, and by the way it’s a road not a trail, it’s black asphalt that’s going to melt that much faster in winter warmer or rain, not mention theres not enough room for two snowmobiles to bed by each other, and choice vac fencing, what is going to happen when a snowmobile bed that

    • Hmmm… Oh! Ok. You confused me for a moment. This comment is in reference to the “From Rail to Trail ” story. Sorry to hear the Belvedere sign came down. I rather liked it. Thought it was a nicely done popular local business promoting touch, and a great idea to boot. Sorry to say, I have no insight into the whys or wherefores of how that happened. You are the second person to comment/raise the issue/concern regarding trail width for two snowmobiles passing each other (or one snowmobile passing anyone else). I must admit, as a non-snowmobile person, I hadn’t given that much thought. Seems like a legitimate concern though, especially given the high speeds snowmobiles tend to travel at, and the lack of trail (or road, if you prefer- I will grant you, the paved portion does more resemble a road), narrow trail shoulders (or none at all, where bridge crossings are) and the presence of steep drop-offs in many locations. All valid points. Clearly a work still very much in progress, with many issues remaining to be addressed and resolved. Let’s hope the powers that be take note.

  2. I enjoy catching these notifications about the Tri-Lake area.Raised in Vermontville & Grandfather on Father’s side helped establish the town I consider home. Even though born in Rockland County,NY, I call the Adirondack ‘s My Home. There are time’s when I dream of being up on Franklin falls,fishing for walleyes or the rapids for rainbow trout, boating with my dad “Claude James (Jim ) Shene Sr.” on lake Colby for land lock salmon & bass. & Ice fishing on the upper saranac.I always loved the area & met many a friend before leaving. But always find time every 10 to 20 yrs to return a calling I guess ,the memories just get to me & I have to return even for a weekend to satisfy my soul & pay my respects to family who are gone and those who have chose to remain.

    • Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories, Mr. Shene. I remember my dad taking me up to Franklin Falls to fish once. I don’t remember us catching anything. We didn’t really spend enough time there to learn to fish that stretch of water successfully. I’ve never ice fished on Upper Saranac, but sure have caught my share of fish on Lake Colby! I’m glad you enjoyed reading my shared Middle Lake locks update here in the Almanack.

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