Tuesday, October 3, 2023

The 2023 Dancing Witches Tour

Gem Radio Theatre Presents: The Dancing Witches Tour

Walpurgis Night is the English translation for the night of April 30, when witches gathered for a night of feasting and celebration in the 8 th Century. All around the world, women gather together as witches in the fall to celebrate the new season and All Hallow’s Eve.

Gem Radio Theatre presents an interpretation of Wolfshager Hexenbrut as a Joyful Celebration of Life as we gather together to dance around the cauldron in the spirit of the season.

Our dance is a 12 minute mini-production with sound effects and song. Gem Radio Theatre adds a seasonal twist in the spirit of the season. We are delighted to offer it to you as we share the joy of dancing and celebrating together.


We are a group of caring women that give joy and happiness to our audience. The women dancing witches are supportive of one another and have all had pain and sorrow in their lives. We appreciate the sisterhood of the women. All continue to be supportive of one another, give love and care to each other throughout the year. We dance mainly in September and October.

We perform to nursing homes, mental health groups, schools, festivals, etc. This style of witches dancing began in 1914 in Germany with Mary Wigman. Mary was a dancer and choreographer and wanted expression and feeling in dancing so she designed this dance. It is performed all over Europe and the United States. We get a wonderful response from our viewers.

For more information visit facebook.com/gemradiotheatre or email gemradiotheatre@gmail.com.

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