Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Submerged, empty car found near Ensign Pond Road

forest ranger reportTown of North Hudson
Essex County
Car Submerged:
 On Nov. 21 at 9:40 p.m., the North Hudson Fire Department reported a traffic accident that resulted in a car submerged in the water near Ensign Pond Road. At 10 p.m., Ranger Quinn responded to the potential water rescue, but determined the car was empty. New York State Police located the driver in Moriah and are handling the investigation.


submerged car

Submerged car. Photo Credit: The North Hudson Fire Department.

Town of Keene
Essex County
Wilderness Recovery:
 On Nov. 25 at 10:17 a.m., Ray Brook Dispatch received a notification from a beacon on Sawteeth Mountain that CPR was in progress for a hiker near Rainbow Falls. Forest Ranger Lewis responded. The hiker’s guide had started CPR and a passing EMT continued, but after an hour, responders were unable to resuscitate the 49-year-old from Astoria. Forest Ranger Lewis packaged the subject and helped bring him out to the Essex County Coroner. Resources were clear at 2:02 p.m.


Village of Lake George
Warren County
Public Outreach:
 On Nov. 25, Forest Rangers Donegan, Kabrehl, and Morehouse participated in the annual ‘Lite Up the Village’ event in Lake George. Rangers strung lights on a 6×6 with a litter basket, a Type Six Engine, and an inflatable raft boat to highlight the wide range of a Ranger’s duties.

Lite Up the Village

Lite Up the Village. Photo provided by the NYS DEC.

Be sure to properly prepare and plan before entering the backcountry. Visit DEC’s Hike Smart NYAdirondack Backcountry Information, and Catskill Backcountry Information webpages for more information.

If a person needs a Forest Ranger, whether it’s for a search and rescue, to report a wildfire, or to report illegal activity on state lands and easements, they should call 833-NYS-RANGERS. If a person needs urgent assistance, they can call 911. To contact a Forest Ranger for information about a specific location, the DEC website has phone numbers for every Ranger listed.



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Information attributed to NYSDEC is taken from press releases and news announcements from New York State's Department of Environmental Conservation.

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  1. Brian Joseph says:

    Damn, 49. Too young. RIP.

  2. Penn L Hoyt says:

    Great choice of words in Keene post! They must be in the xmas spirit – “packaged the subject”!

  3. Amy Godine says:

    Re Town of Keene wilderness recovery.
    Thanks, as ever, for the post from DEC, but —
    “…packaged the subject”?
    Is there not a better word?

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