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The relaxing experience of a sound healing session

Sound healing session instructor

Recently, an announcement for a sound healing experience at the ADKX appeared in my email.  So I thought, what the heck? Let’s try it! My friend [Rosemary] does not do yoga or meditate.  She is a retired hard-nosed investigative journalist who has lived and reported around the world.  So, she wasn’t sure how she would feel about this “full body sound massage.” I don’t really practice “wellness” activities either, but [I] did walk the new ASA Adirondack Labyrinth in October, so [I] thought this might be a good follow up.


Therefore, on Sunday, November 19, Rosemary drove about an hour from Sand Lake to my home in Ephratah.  We drove another hour and a half to Blue Mountain Lake. (Of the approximately 15 guests, it was determined we traveled the farthest.) We arrived a little early, so [we] watched Andrea Lisette Villiere of Sound Healing Adirondacks set up her “instruments” of crystal and copper bowls, gongs, etc.

We were invited  to remove our shoes, lay on a yoga mat and pillow, and cover up with a blanket. Some people used eye masks. The lights turned off, there [was] incense, and Andrea started playing her instruments with the goal of “sound and vibration restoring one’s mind, body, and spirit back to a state of balance and harmony.” The experience lasted an hour.  I have lower back pain, so eventually rolled to my side.

(Andrea had explained that whether participants lie on their backs with eyes closed, sit up and meditate, or lay on their sides, it’s all okay. If I do it again, I would use two mats.) I really didn’t think I fell asleep, but I jerked up twice.  Rosemary said she thought I did fall asleep. I could not believe when Andrea struck the three copper bowls three times, signaling that the hour was over. Andrea blessed us and invited everyone to “ommm” three times. (I meant to ask if there is a significance with the number three.)

A woman poses at a sound healing session

My friend, Rosemary, at a sound healing session in the Adirondacks. Photo provided by Laura Bellinger.

Sound healing set up.

Sound healing experience set up. Photo provided by Laura Bellinger.

We left a little after 5 p.m. and it was pitch black and a little icy. It was so dark that I missed the turn from Route 8 to Route 10.  There are no houses, no businesses… nothing.  And deer kept jumping out in front of us!  They were everywhere.  We would see their eyes [gleaming] where they stood by the side of the road.  Then there was a group of wild turkeys.  It took us 1.5 hours to get to Blue Mountain Lake and 2 hours to get home. As we passed through Caroga Lake, which had a blanket of snow, we admired the Christmas lights on some houses. After I walked in the door and got settled, I checked my email and there was a message from Andrea, hoping that we arrived home safely. [She offered] to hold classes earlier in the afternoon (maybe 2 to 3 p.m.) for people who travel quite aways. She read my mind!


Anyway, whether you’re well into your spiritual journey or a newbie, you should give sound healing a try. The music was just beautiful.  I could fall asleep to a recording of it every night!

Photo at top: Andrea Lisette Villiere of Sound Healing Adirondacks. Photo provided by Laura Bellinger.

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