Thursday, December 28, 2023

Recapping year’s top stories

These battery modules, supplied by the battery company BYD

Happy holidays! I hope you are all enjoying time with family and friends and getting out for some wonderful adventures in the Adirondacks.

This will be my last newsletter of 2023. On our website, we are recapping some of the top news stories of the year. Here, I’d like to share a few links to the stories I’m most proud of this year. We appreciate your readership and look forward to providing you with news and recreation coverage in the new year!

  1. I couldn’t not put whiskey fungus on this list. I’m always learning new things as a reporter, and this one had me researching quite a bit. I still am, with more to come in 2024.
  2. For years I have wanted to write about people who live off the grid and how they manage it. It was a great adventure driving around the park to spend some time with folks willing to let me see their energy setups.
  3. The ongoing saga of planning in the forest preserve is an important story to revisit. We did that this year with an overall look at how more than 780,000 acres remain without plans, which guide natural resource protection and recreation projects.
  4. Thanks to Editor Jim Odato for one of my favorite headlines this year, “Meet the beetles.” It has been fascinating to stay on top of the hemlock woolly adelgid management actions underway around Lake George.

Battery news

Last week, Gov. Hochul released initial findings from a battery fire safety working group. Adirondackers have been interested considering the proposed 20-megawatt battery energy storage facility in the hamlet of Raquette Lake. Read more on the report here.


Adirondack Park Agency

Programming note: The Explorer team is off for the holidays and New Year’s Day. Please click on the APA and environmental notice bulletin links for the latest projects out for public comment.

View all APA public comment and hearing opportunities at:


Environmental Notice Bulletin

Check out projects on the state Department of Environmental Conservation’s full weekly environmental notice bulletin.


Photo at top: These battery modules, supplied by the battery company BYD, show a similar-sized project to the one proposed in the hamlet of Raquette Lake. Photo courtesy of BYD.

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Gwen is the environmental policy reporter for Adirondack Explorer.

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