Monday, December 18, 2023

Watch This!

Christmas lights on trees.

I rose at five, to walk. I hoped for stars.
And bright they shone, despite streetlamps and cars.
Down here I saw December’s common sights:
leftover snow, and people’s Christmas lights
lit through the night – to cheer the passerby?

And zipping past, in haste, the paper guy,
delivering news. Two little dogs, their master,
on their own walk. Up high, the alabaster
points, a little cold – aloof, detached.
My pleasure seeing them, of course, not matched
by any joy of theirs in seeing me.
But while I craned my neck, a star broke free
to shoot across the sky, and speeding, burned.
What luck! I wished. I breathed. Then home I turned.
Now guess – a second star transcribed its arc.
What wonder! Messages? An astral spark
to light my day? A call to stay in touch?
They’ve got me pondering, for sure, for such
ethereal events have meaning – right? –
linking little me to the infinite.


Photo at top: Christmas lights on trees. Wikimedia Commons photo.

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Even after thirty years as a language teacher, Joe Carosella still firmly believes that Every Day Is a Beautiful Day. He hikes avidly in the Adirondacks and the UK, loves nature, ice cream, travel, languages, and words in general, and spends a lot of time writing poetry and reading. His poems have appeared in Adirondac and Ridgeline. [Instagram: josephaicarosella]

4 Responses

  1. Tommi Lou Carosella says:

    Lovely, lovely lovely. I went out to watch for the Geminids, they with held their beauty. Lucky you!

  2. Jim Ormsbee says:

    Hope our paths cross one day soon, Joe. In the meantime, keep the poetry coming!

  3. Joseph Carosella says:

    Thanks, Tommi Lou! Every comment from you means a lot to me.

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