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heart mugMaybe it was just coincidence that the coffee mug I reached for this morning bore a big red heart, or maybe it’s seasonal subliminal messages. 

However, these posts aren’t really focused on overpriced roses and Hallmark greeting cards. Digging through the Almanack archives, I thought it would be better to highlight more of the unconditional stuff that you can’t find at the grocery store.



This first post by contributor Jackie Woodcock shines a labor of love light on the art of Beekeeping. Maybe instead of chocolate this year, we buy our beloved some local honey?



Frequent contributor Adam Wilson writes beautifully about life on his Keeseville farm. This piece in particular shows so much love for the work being done, how it is done, and the offering of food to those who need and want it.



A vintage post all the way from 2009, Almanack contributor Ellen Rathbone writes about her love for the “underdogs” in the natural world. How right she is! It’s easy to look around and find awe in the impressive, large and obvious. But what would happen if we zoom in on the overlooked? We might find that there’s even more to love…



The last piece I want to share seems to sum up everything under our love umbrella. Long time Almanack writer, Dick Monroe shares intimate reflections on his life, and his close call with death. It has been said that there are really only two subjects to consider during our time on this planet: death and love. 



I do hope these posts have opened your heart a bit and helped you remember what – AND WHO – it is that you love in your life.

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Sarah lives in the northern ADK's with her husband, 2 daughters, sled dogs and 15+ chickens. She is an aspiring children's book author, and professional Tarot advisor. She wears many hats working with The Adirondack Explorer, and she loves them all.

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