Friday, March 8, 2024

A Forest for the Trees

Bare Root White Pine & Cedar Transplants Purchased from Soil & Conservation

A Forest for the Trees


As late winter’s warming temps tease, and peeking bud tips hint at another spring’s promise, it’s a good time to make preparations and plans to plant trees for our future north woods forests.


For some tactics, tips, techniques, and lessons learned from my personal tree planting journey, click the link and read on.

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  1. Sounds great, that you have created a nirvana for wildlife. Hope you are encouraging your neighbors to do the these types of undertakings and showing them your successful techniques.

    • Thank you for reading & commenting, Mr. Orvis. I happily share my ongoing tree growing experience, lessons learned (most the hard way), hand-built trail system & “wildlife nirvana” with most anyone who expresses interest & I feel is sincerely interested. However, I have to be selectively careful. I have found my neighbors, for the most part, to be more interested either in erecting electric fences & barbed wire, or in finding encroachment routes they can use to tear up my land with their four wheelers & snowmobiles, or both. Most folks to whom I do end up sharing my trails & trees with are more interested in the tour than in putting in the dedicated hard work it takes to establish and maintain them.

  2. My spring tree order just arrived from my district Soil & Conservation. I’m very excited. 30 Eastern White Pine & 50 Norway Spruce, all 2-year-old bare root transplants. Plus 4 nice 7 ft tall cold hardy cross-pollinating Zone 3 rated apples (I bought those locally). Arbor Day will be here soon- April 26th. Who else out there is celebrating by putting some nice new trees in the ground?

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