Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Damn That Global Warming! (It’s ruining the North Country)

Person kayaking on the lake in winter

Photo by the author of an activity that should be relegated to May, at least. Photo by Randy Fredlund.

JEREMY: Things just ain’t like they used to be.

JAKE: Yah, yer right. There just isn’t much snow anymore.

JEREMY: It’s that damn global warming.

JAKE: You can say that again.

JEREMY: It’s that damn global warming. We just don’t get the snow like we used to.

JAKE: Not only don’t we get that much…it doesn’t stick around.

JEREMY: Not that long ago it would start in October and the stuff that fell in November would still be here in April.

JAKE: Or May, sometimes. That was real winter and real snow. And the ice wouldn’t be out of the lakes until about the same time.

JEREMY: I pulled in my fishing shack and I’m gonna put in my boat.

JAKE: In March? That’s crazy.

JEREMY: Why not? Gotta go boat fishin’ if I can’t go ice fishin’. The ice is almost all out and it doesn’t look like we’ll get any more snow.

JAKE: It’s sad.

JEREMY: Yeah, fer sure. I used my sled about 3 times this year.

JAKE: Can’t run your snowmobile on dirt and rocks. And it’s just killin’ the restaurants. No caravans stoppin’ in for a meal or a beer.

JEREMY: If it ever does snow, there won’t be any restaurants left.

JAKE: There’s not enough restaurants and bars in the Adirondacks now. Just wait until this wimpy winter kills them off.

JEREMY: It’s terrible. But you know that’s not the worst of it.

JAKE: Yeah, you’re right. They’re not holdin’ the derby this year.

JEREMY: It’s a damn shame. How many did you get?

JAKE: I got a few early. Ya know, the ones the newbies leave hangin’ out, just asking for it, but since that time, not so much. Not enough snow to need the reach to get more.

JEREMY: Same here. It’s hardly worth counting ’em. It’s March, and I don’t even think I’m in double figures.

JAKE: In any decent winter, you don’t bother even entering without more than that.

JEREMY: So sad. It takes all the fun out of driving the plow.

JAKE: Damn that global warming!

broken mailbox
Photo by the author of a neighbor’s mailbox. The author goes to the post office.

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Randy Fredlund enjoys hiking, paddling, and taking pictures of the area around his camp on Stewarts Landing. He is happiest when breathing Adirondack air.

11 Responses

  1. Jean Dohman says:

    So sad, and so right on. Loved the dialogue, as sad as it is. Welcome to 2024, and the planet as it is….

    • Randy Fredlund says:

      And to add to the fun, the mild winter probably did little to reduce the tick population. Oye!

      • Jean Dohman says:

        I agree Randy. I treated my dog Sista on March 1st, fearing the same about ticks.
        Good luck with your tick-pickin!

  2. Paul says:

    Worked for William C Johnson and Sons on the Museum at BML in 1969. Snowed a bit in June that year! I miss Winter. Please don’t tell my wife??

  3. James M Schaefer says:

    El Nino is followed by El Nina so the weather patterns will change as the polar vortex shifts. Not global warming, just a warm weather pattern like in 1932-1933-1934. Jake ad Jeremy should grab a few beers and enjoy their leisure time this year. In the next few they may be super busy. Or — if they are really desperate to plow snow they could apply for work in California’s Northern Sierra or Donner Pass.

  4. Rob Bick says:

    March used to be the best winter month. Plenty of snow, more daylight, reasonable temperatures. Now. March is May in the Adirondacks. Black flies will be out before the end of the month. I have not skied or snowmobiled beyond the 1st week of March in 4 years. So discouraging.

    Used to be we had July and Winter. Now we have July, February and Mud Season.

    Looks like Alaska or bust!!!

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