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Tests: Whiskey fungus is more widespread

The WhistlePig Whiskey facility in Moriah

Whiskey fungus

Results from November fungus samples taken from homes near WhistlePig Whiskey in the town of Moriah were released last week. The state Department of Environmental Conservation said “the samples matched the morphology of the whiskey fungus from the WhistlePig facility.”

Read our update here.

Forest preserve

More than 6,000 acres of state land in the Adirondack Park have officially been classified in different forest preserve zoning types. Gov. Kathy Hochul approved the package, which includes zoning for places including Mt. Trembleau overlooking Lake Champlain and Thirteenth Lake Shoreline in Warren County, according to a news release from the Adirondack Park Agency.

The classification process happens when the state acquires lands for its public forest preserve. Staff at the Adirondack Park Agency recommend classifications for each parcel, which then help dictate what projects and natural resource protections are available to an area. For example, the Thirteenth Lake Shoreline in the town of Johnsburg has been classified as wilderness, a classification that allows for little to no development and no motorized vehicle use. Mt. Trembleau and surrounding land in the town of Chesterfield, was classified as wild forest. This will allow for more recreational development.

The package also included the reclassification of about 250 acres making up 11 projects. Those are lands the agency had already classified but decided to change.

APA Executive Director Barbara Rice praised the “beautiful additions to the forever wild Adirondack Park Forest Preserve,” and thanked the public, staff and the state Department of Environmental Conservation.

APA Chairman John Ernst said the classification package “will protect more of New York’s exceptional natural resources and will increase recreational opportunities bolstering economic benefits for local communities.”

An interactive map showing the newly classified and the reclassified lands is available here: https://storymaps.arcgis.com/stories/62e2d75c42844667a4f5bba0f52e1a29.

Adirondack Park Agency

View all APA public comment and hearing opportunities at: https://apa.ny.gov/Hearings/index.cfm.

  • Applicant Gregory Cassidy is proposing to build three 3,000-square-foot commercial use self-storage units in the area of 939 State Route 374 in the town of Saranac. Comments are due April 11. To view the site plans and submit comments, go to https://apa.ny.gov/Hearings/ApaCommentPopup.cfm?ProjectNumber=2024-0008.
  • Cellco Partnership, doing business as Verizon Wireless, is proposing to install a 90-foot-tall monopole telecommunications tower with a 7-foot by 14-foot equipment platform. Access to the tower site will be along a 3,100-foot-long and 12-foot-wide gravel access drive originating from state Route 9 in the town of Warrensburg. Comments are due April 11. To view the site plans and submit comments, go to: https://apa.ny.gov/Hearings/ApaCommentPopup.cfm?ProjectNumber=2022-0006.
  • The town of Caroga is seeking to apply the aquatic herbicide ProcellaCOR EC within four treatment areas in East and West Caroga Lakes, to control Eurasian watermilfoil. Comments are due April 11. To view the site plans and submit comments, go to https://apa.ny.gov/Hearings/ApaCommentPopup.cfm?ProjectNumber=2024-0040.

Environmental Notice Bulletin

View all the state Department of Environmental Conservation’s weekly environmental notice bulletin projects.

Photo at top: The WhistlePig Whiskey facility in Moriah. Photo by Eric Teed.

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