Saturday, March 9, 2024

Up in the air

red hawk

A red hawk called, and circled in the sky
above my route, as I went jogging by.
I stopped and spoke to her. She screeched again,
then perched with grace upon a leafless limb.
Instead of anywhere, you’re here, I said.
She rustled feathers, showing off her red.
Whatever you’re meant to help me learn today,
I’ll try to learn it – thanks. The interplay
of hawk and human spirits – just us two –
was good, a moment’s gift. And what ensues
from such communion? That’s yet up in the air
(to use a phrase). But it helps me to prepare.
I’ll see what comes, and think of my red hawk,
and keep in mind our unexpected talk.

Photo at top: Red Hawk. Wikimedia Commons photo.

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Even after thirty years as a language teacher, Joe Carosella still firmly believes that Every Day Is a Beautiful Day. He hikes avidly in the Adirondacks and the UK, loves nature, ice cream, travel, languages, and words in general, and spends a lot of time writing poetry and reading. His poems have appeared in Adirondac and Ridgeline. [Instagram: josephaicarosella]

10 Responses

  1. What a sweet piece of literature that I’m sharing on Facebook. Love your writing!
    Carol Hoenig

    • Joe Carosella says:

      Thank you so much, Carol, for your encouraging feedback! It sure makes me feel good to read (and re-read) your comment. And thanks for sharing my poem on Facebook. I appreciate that, too. I also love your closing style: “Onward” encompasses so much of what I believe about the best way to approach each day.
      Grateful regards,
      P.S. On the off chance that you have Instagram and want to see more of my poems, you can find me at josephaicarosella

      • Hi Joe,
        I will definitely check that out. I live on Long Island, but originally from way Upstate New York, north of Plattsburgh. I’m an author as well so I appreciate others who are as talented as you are!


        • Joe Carosella says:

          Hi Carol,
          Would you send me a link or info to what you have written? That would be fun. And if you don’t mind me borrowing your good idea…I’ll close with:

  2. Jean Dohman says:

    Simply beautiful. Thanks for the share Joseph

  3. Ethan says:

    Beautiful. I really enjoyed this.

  4. David Bower says:

    Very nice indeed!

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