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Experiencing the eclipse at ADKX with friends, including an ADK first-timer

Two people wear eclipse glasses and hold up signs

My friends, Rosemary and David, joined me to view the eclipse from the ADKX in Blue Mountain Lake. Thankfully, we had an uneventful ride there. David lives in Williamstown, MA, and this was his first time in the Adirondacks. Rosemary had taken this ride with me before, so we pointed out lakes and landmarks, including Pig Rock. The only short congestion we encountered was at the intersection in Indian Lake. We made it to the museum and staked out a spot. It was a beautiful, sunny day. Museum staff were helpful and friendly, as were the guests around us.

Man wearing solar eclipse t shirt

People to our left were from Gloversville and VA. A woman in front of us noticed Rosemary’s Glimmerglass mug and let us know she was from Cooperstown. The two women behind us, from Brant Lake, had fancy tripods and cameras. One woman said her husband had gifted her photography lessons from Carl Heilman. She generously loaned her camera filter to David. Barney Bellinger, a renowned ADK artist, and his wife hammed it up for photos.

solar eclipse starting

Solar eclipse in totality.

solar eclipse over Blue Mountain Lake.

The ADKX did a great job with this event. There were food trucks, NASA talks, and a live band. The eclipse was spectacular. On the way home, I think we fared better than those trying to leave Tupper Lake or Lake Placid. It took an hour to get from Blue Mountain Lake to Indian Lake. After we turned onto Route 30, the road was wide open all the way home.

Photo at top: Barney Bellinger and his wife hamming it up. Barney made the signs for his young granddaughters to carry. He made the “paper plate” glasses in a workshop at the museum. We shared our eclipse-themed snacks “moon pies” with the little girls. (All photos are from Rosemary Armao.)

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    Great pictures–Thanks for sharing!

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