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Ideas for celebrating Arbor Day, April 26

Children play under a tree.

Arbor Day is coming up on Friday, April 26. Arbor Day is a national observance that celebrates the role of trees in our lives and promotes tree planting and care. First celebrated in 1872, it was established as a way to encourage farmers and homesteaders to plant trees that would provide shade, shelter, food, fuel and beauty to open areas. In New York, Arbor Day is traditionally celebrated the last Friday in April. However, communities around the state can celebrate Arbor Day any day of the year.

Arbor Day is a great opportunity to promote tree planting and tree care within your school and community. Tree related activities, games and programs create excitement and promote participation in the event. See below for some examples.

Celebrate as a Community

  • Hold an Arbor Day ceremony and honor the good stewards in your community.
  • Plant a tree in the community.
  • Organize a “Big Tree” or “Oldest Tree” search.
  • Pitch in to clean up a public park or neighborhood and clear it of litter. Don’t forget to admire the neighborhood trees while you work!
  • Label street trees with sidewalk chalk to introduce locals to the trees around them. Include species, native region, and a fun fact or two.
  • Schedule local demonstrations on tree pruning techniques, tree selection, tree identification, and tree planting.

Celebrate with your Students and Youth

Celebrate with your Household

  • Check in on your backyard trees. Any new cracks, fungal growth, or dead branches? View our tips for finding an arborist if your trees need help.
  • Plant a tree in your yard or neighborhood.
  • Order tree and shrub seedlings from the State Tree Nursery and plant a living snow fence instead of one tree.

Celebrate Arbor Day Virtually

  • Create a Facebook Live video so community members can watch your Arbor Day ceremony in real time.
  • Have an online Arbor Day art or photography contest for all ages.
  • Create an Instagram hashtag where community members can post photos of their families commemorating Arbor Day.
  • Share some photos of your town’s most famous trees and include some fun and educational facts about why trees are important.
  • Download our tree tags (PDF) and share photos of them on trees around town or in the local park. Community members will be shocked by the value and benefits of the trees in their neighborhood! Check out i-Tree MyTree, a simple web application that will calculate the benefits of trees in your neighborhood. You only need to know a few key facts about your tree: the species, condition, diameter, and sun exposure.

For more information about celebrating Arbor Day contact your local DEC office.

Photo Credit: Josh Clague

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Information attributed to NYSDEC is taken from press releases and news announcements from New York State's Department of Environmental Conservation.

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