Monday, May 27, 2024

Drone Hunter

black and white image of a drone

As technological advances by the day become more routinely mainstream, they very frequently outpace regulatory adaptation, oversight and law enforcement capabilities. While most of these technologies unarguably offer many benefits, they also all too often collide with aspects of the connection with life outdoors that folks treasure most. Though it’s an issue I have neither heard nor seen much focus on or discussion of, I suspect the increasing availability and affordability of drone technology may well be one of them.

Here’s a short story I wanted to share, exploring the issue of drones. While I chose to pen the story itself as a work of short fiction (one of my favorite vehicles), it draws in large part on recent personal experience. I hope folks find my effort thought provoking.

While folks are reading it, I suggest looking skyward. If a sudden noise like a swarm of bees buzzes by, there may be a drone hovering somewhere overhead, watching you. 

Forewarned is forearmed.

For my drone story, click the link and read on.    

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A veteran north country writer & story teller raised in Saranac Lake, Dick enjoys “Living in the Day I Am In”, and then writing about it. A severely speech impaired 3x cancer survivor, his pen is his voice. He shares many of his Adirondack Outlaw adventures & tales here. Read the rest on his blog @

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  1. Zachary Denton says:

    All should listen to The MeatEater Podcast on this, since I suppose if you’ve read this article thus far you are curious. Just came out on May 13th and they have a great, thought provoking discussion. Episode 551: Old School Methods vs. New Fangled Gadgetry. I didn’t know about a few of the current topics they discussed so it was very informative.

  2. Gary N. Lee says:

    Great story Dick, I was up on Beaver Lake by Number Four watching my Loon family when I heard the same buzzing over my canoe. Sure, enough it was a drone as it circled a few times, but I never got a photo before it buzzed off when it saw my camera come out. You never know these days who is watching you doing your job.

    • Thank you, Gary, & Yup. The drone that actually inspired this story my wife & daughter finally (after numerous night trail cam images that had raised our suspicions) spotted hovering over them last weekend while they were out on our back deck lounging by our swimming pool. By the time they yelled to me “Dad! It’s the Drone!” & I came steaming around the corner locked & loaded (with several good rocks), the drone knew the jig was up & took off. My actual response, after researching drone enforcement laws (or the rather distinct lack thereof) was to go up and down the street in my neighborhood, knocking on doors, letting folks know there had been a drone spying on my wife & daughter in the pool & I was none too happy about it. Well, as of this response, we ain’t seen hide nor hair of that *&%* drone since.

  3. Tim says:


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