Friday, June 28, 2024

Solstice Song

Summer solstice sunset

Yesterday the summer solstice brought
us heat and sun. And daylight, endlessly.
We didn’t make it special as we ought
to have, and I don’t mean religiously.
Commemoration, though, that would be mete.
The solstice merits notice, I do think.

Summer magic, luscious, languid, sweet…
Awareness of a moment on the brink…
I watered garden plants, went for a run,
grabbed mulberries and blackcaps on the way,
washed clothes and hung them early in the sun.
All far from the highest honor for this day.
But add a gin-and-tonic, an evening stroll,
and whiling an hour away in dreamy state…
No rituals, no fires. Still, on the whole,
a modest, fitting way to celebrate.

Wikimedia Commons photo.

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Even after thirty years as a language teacher, Joe Carosella still firmly believes that Every Day Is a Beautiful Day. He hikes avidly in the Adirondacks and the UK, loves nature, ice cream, travel, languages, and words in general, and spends a lot of time writing poetry and reading. His poems have appeared in Adirondac and Ridgeline. [Instagram: josephaicarosella]

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